By The Neighbor

This happend around when I was 15 yrs old.  As my sisters were off at college and it was just my mom and I at our apt.  I was home from school as we didn't have any school that day.  But my mom still had work.  So I got myself all dressed up looking pretty.  As I thought I will make it a girls day in.  I decided to wear a pair of my mom's dark navy pantyhose with one of my sister's jean skirts and a blue and white sweater with some black 3 1/2 heels.  I put my make up and wig on.  I felt soo sexxy fem.  I just couldn't believe I was getting a chance to dress up and not have to worry for a while as my mom was at work.  I just ended up staying dressed up doing the things I normally would.  Which felt so good hearing my heels and hose rub together and my heels on the floor when I would walk.  After a bit I decided to go out into the hall way for a bit and see how far I could get with out anyone paying any attention to me or even noticing me.  It was nice as I liked hearing my heels in the hall way.  After a few walking the hall attempts I decided to go down and check the mail in our mail box.  Our apt complex had its own mail box.  So I went down the flight of steps as we were 4 stories up.  I was a bet cautious as I didn't want to get caught.  I made it down to the mail box and took the mail.  There was a guy there that was checking his but he didn't see my face.  I could tell he was looking at me though.  Which I did like.  After I collected the mail I went into the elevator and headed back up to my floor.  When I got there I went to my apt.  You guessed it I was locked out.  I forgot to grab the apt key when I walked out.  I just had my mail box key.  I was thinking how stupid.  And then to make things worse here is our neighbor who is an older gentlemen walking down the hall way.  I tried to turn away but I couldn't fast enough.  He stopped and was looking at me.  I just stood with my back to him.  I could feel him walking up behind me.  He said are locked out of your apt miss.  I said yeah I am.  I was so freakin scared.  He giggled and said here come with me to mine.  I followed him.  Now I was trying not to have my heels make such a loud noise on the floor.  I followed him in and stood by the door.  He called the apt manager who had all the keys for the apt.  Everyone pretty much new eachother so it was a real safe building.  He came up and opend up the door for me.  But my neighbor said that he thought he heard something and wanted to check it out as he didn't think we were there and wanted to drop off our mail for us.  The apt mngr. bought it.  As he left I went from my neighbors apt to mine.  I told him thanx he said no problem.  Smiled and gave me my mail.  I was so releaved but nervous as I didn't know what to make of it.  I finished out the cd session with a j/o session and then called it.  Later on my mom came home and we had dinner and just lounged around for a while.  Then went to bed as I was exhausted from the scare that day.  The next day was a normal saturday nothing much.  But on sunday my mom was going to church with her new boyfriend.  So I was going to be home alone for atleast 3 hrs.  I thought why not dress again.  So I put on some beige hose white bra.  Jean skirt knee length and a white top.  make up and wig.  And put on some black heels that were 4 inch.  They were my mom's.  As I was just getting done.  The phone rang.  I answered it and it was my neighbor who wanted to know if I wanted to come over.  I thought sure why not.  I don't know why but I decided to come over dressed as I was.  I grabbed my apt key this time and walked next door.  I knocked and he opened the door.  He smiled and told me to come in.  I did and sat on the couch.  Which is where it all took off from there.  He was talking to me about my dressing.  When I started and why I did.  He also said that he seen others who cd or dress n drag as well.  He said that is a huge turn on to him.  Hearing that got me turned on.  I crossed my hosed legs in front of him.  And begin to caress my legs with my fingertips.  I noticed he liked that.  I decided to make the first move and leaned in and kissed him.  He took me in his arms and we must have been kissing for a while.  Feeling his hands on my legs rubbing them.  I decided to return the favor for getting me back into my apt.  I went down on him which was my first.  I was so horny and nervous as I never had done this before.  I undid his pants. and pulled his under wear down along with his pants.  His **** was right in my face.  I started to kiss it and then lick it.  And then came of putting it in my mouth.  I started to suck on it slowly.  With a little trial and error of my teeth getting in the way.  And me gaging a few times.  I started to get the nack of it.  I started to hear him tell me to not stop and keep going.  Which was getting me excited.  I started to rub my hosed **** while I was sucking on his.  The he came and it was alot I could only handle so much and ended up ******* the rest of it out of his ****.  Then I came in my hose.  Oh did that ever feel so good.  After my first sucking encounter he said I should probably get back to my apt I agreed.  As I got back to my apt.  I got undressed and cleaned up.  The phone rang shortly after and my neighbor told me he wanted to see me again sometime all dressed up again.  I thought we could do that.  After which my mom got home with her new boyfriend. 

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I love the thought of sucking my neighbors **** this story is very arousing

Sounds like a fun neighbor, does mom know yet ? You should tell her, have her help dress you up !


how naughty, mmmmmm

Great story. Wish i had a neighbor like that!

love it

great story

So exciting I could only imagine sucking my neighbor his wife don't give him sex any more I know he would just go wild on me especially I could really dress hot and totally swallow himmmm his wife goes out daily for hours any suggestions I would reall like to do this !!!!!!!

Lovely Sexybabe, where do you live? come over anytime

Honey, I wish you were my neighbor. You could visit me anytime. I'd love to have you such me while we're both dressed. XOXO

I live in Las Vegas.

you are a lucky girl! it does feel so nice and natural to suck on a **** while all dressed up...wait until you feel the next step !!!!

What a great story. It made me wish it was me on my knees with his **** in my mouth.

Your story made me as hard as a rock. I am wearing panties my wife bought for ME. I live in Florida. Jennifer

I'm hard too...but not for long...This is so HOT!. I'm all dressed up with no place to go, sadly. I love wearing seamed vintage stockings and garterbelts and ultra sheer peignoirs with very sheer panties. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! Can't wait any longer...gotta go lay with my and make myself ***

I love sucking ****, but only get to do it a few times a year when I am out of town. I love going to an adult bookstore wearing a guy shirt and a dark skirt. After I enter a both, I put my nice size 8 silicone breast inserts in my bra. I love sucked while squeezing myself and Inlove having tow hands on my breasts while I am being sucked. Jen

very erotic....

Nicely done, nicely done. Dressing in femm and sucking a hard **** mmmm the excitment is awesome, this man was patient and knew a good thing when he saw it, I hope you continue and tell us when he mounted you....

Great story. Please write more sexcapades for us. I have an 18yo boy that wants me to teach him the joy of bisexual activity. I can't seem to find an opportune time to meet with him. He lives about 40 or 50 miles from me.

Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Ahhh read this story and it keeps coming back. If i only had a sister and a wig. Mom doesnt have the good fashion

Nice ******* story. I wish that was my first. I met another crossdresser only one other time and had an excellent time, but fifteen years has gone by since that encounter. I sure would like to me another discreet CD in FL.

That is hot I love it

wow that is so hott friend me please.

Love it a girl just like me

what was it like and how did you feel for sucking one for the first time

oh it was a very good time

nice pic skipspence <br />
nice story

mmmmmmm very nice.would love to play too.

Great Story...loved the idea of sucking on another CD/TV and vice versa...and/or being tightly inescapably bound against another CD/TV in a hot, erotic '69' - "dressing for pleasure!"


Yes I still dress. In fact that is one thing I know I still do lol.

love ly stories like to hear more and do you still dress

me too me too great story please mam i want more

same here!

sensational story. would love to read more like it