True Story Of My 1st Experience Out Shopping

I was 18 and living at home , I had dressed for a number of

years but my parent decided to go on holiday for a week.

I decided i was going to venture out as Carrie and buy myself some clothes

in a local town not to far away. I dressed in short skirt, stockings,white basque, 3" court shoes blouse and jacket.I put on my make

up and done my hair.After a final check of my self i decided it was now or never. I went to my car at around 1 pm and drove to a

town called lewisham in south London.Finding a suitable car space i got out paid my ticket and

went to the shopping center.

I was so nervous my legs where shaky from nerves but after no one stopping and staring i relaxed. When in the center i

got stopped by 2 women doing a survey . I was asked questions and answered as best i could. I noticed i was

being watched by people as i was sure my stocking tops could be seen and a guy kept glancing at me from a coffee shop.

After the survey i wandered around the shops, the guy i noticed was following me and then came up to me as i

windowed shopped. We got chatting and he asked if i was single , I replied yes then he asked if i wanted to go to

the pub for a drink. I said i would as he seemed  a nice guy around 30 35 years of age.We got on very well and went to the pub ,we had a few

drinks and i was getting a little tipsy he then suggested a game of pool which i agreed too.

Whilst standing taking a shot he got behind me brushing my bottom,the he apologized i said it was OK.

He then touched me more and more then asked if he could kiss me, I had never kissed a guy before so i

agreed , it made me feel so good i actually believed i was a girl. After we left and he walked me to my car and said if i

wanted to go out that evening ,I said i couldn't but i would like to see him again if he would like to. We kissed some

more and i could feel him getting erect and very hard. I offered him a lift home and dropped him off on his drive ,

we kissed some more and i stared to rub his **** through his jeans, He tried to put his hand up my skirt and i had to

stop him saying i was on , But then i removed his **** from his jeans slowly wanking him whilst we kissed then i don't

know why but i decided to blow him in my car , i leaned downand sucked my 1st xxxx it was incredible i took him all the

way and he xxx in my mouth .We kissed some more and he gave me his number and i drove home feeling very very horny. I

wanted to ring him for days after but couldn't find the courage to and it would be obvious i would have  to tell him

i was a guy .

I often wondered what would of happened after if we met again !

carriexd carriexd
36-40, M
2 Responses Mar 10, 2010

Loved reading about your first experiences. My own have been along the lines of meeting those who know what I really am and they are turned on by the extent that I dress up. Along with wanting me to at least suck them off by playing the female role.

You make me think of my first ****. So silky soft and hard in my hand, so alive in my mouth. The impossible pleasure of finally crossing the line and allowing myself to enjoy another man's **** completely.