My Fathers Friend

Being a bi crossdresser for many years i advertise myself on a few web sites for dating.Normally guys i meet are anyommous and out of town.One guy took my fancy and we emailed each other quite a few times and chatted on the phone.It turned out he was in the same area but when we talked about places we went to it seemed unlikely we would know each other.We both considered this important as we are both married.

We arranged to meet one evening at his place as his wife was away and my wife was seeing her sister.I dressed at home and mademyself as convincing as i could.Packed a overnight bag with the essentials and a couple of bottles of wine.Checking the time and that it was quiet outside i made my way to the garage and got into my car. I love driving in heels and dressed as a woman and long to get stuck at every red with hope of making eye contact with some guy and flirting,anyhow after a short drive i arrived at Kevins address. Ckecking coast was clear i got out of the car and collectred my bag from the boot and made my way to the front door.With a deep breath i rang the doorbell. The Guy (suppossdely named kevin) opened it . My smile must have turned to dread as his did as well. It turned out he was one of my fathers best friends and golf partners. I went to turn away but my legs wher so skaky i could hardly move.

He pulled me in and took me to the lounge.It was very unsettling as i knew his real name and he knew mine.He poured me a drink and i downed it and had another.We asked each other the usual questions mainy does my father know about me and does he know his friend is gay  or bi.

It turned out my father did know about Kevin(thats what i will call him) and his ways and was cool with it.He also knew Kevin was meeting some Hot tv tonight. This put me in a dilema what i should do. Kevin was very good and calmed me down though i think it was the drink he gave me.

He sat with me on the sofa and told me how nice i looked and that i must gone to a lot of trouble and started to stroke my legs.He promised he would not say anything about me to my father. He did mention the topic may come up though about the night. I laughed and said i better make it good then.

I went to my bag and got out the wine to put in the fridge .When i got back from the kithcen Kevin had emptied my bag and laid out my condoms lube ****** and nightware on the table.  I knew then i was here for the night and might as well enjoy myself and really let myself go. It seemed my secret would be safe and it was nice to be with someone i knew.The night went great and the morning even better, we now meet regualary and i also takien up golf and occassionly play with Kevin & My Father.It does get embarrassing sometimes when my Father asks about Kevins adventures and that story is about the two of us making love and having great dirty sex which he goes into great detail about.God only knows what they talk about when i am not there.

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What a happy ending. And beginning, it seems. You lucky girl.

hi thankyou for your comment. Yes it really was a roller coaster ride.the crazy thing is we see each other quite regulary ,and my father is always asking him (apperently) about what he gets upto with guys & girls.

What an amazing story! Sounds like a real emotional roller-coaster.