She Found My Pantyhose Stash...uuhh..time For A Kit Kat

My wife was looking for something in my closet and a box for a piece photo equipment fell in the floor.

She picked it up to see what was in side and discovered a pair Queen size pantyhose. Which was not her size.

Her first thought was I was having an affair and was keeping a souvenir . It took me at least 10 min to convince her that they were mine and that I had a pantyhose fetish.

Sadly she didn't ask my to put them on..;-/
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I have let my wife find my tights! I told her I put the on when it's cold in work! Much later she has seen my panties. Then I told her I crossdresed. And I am still working at it!!

Your very lucky to have at least an understanding wife. Just don't push her too far at once. She still Loves a Man first.
She may later like to explore a more feminine male. Good Luck ;-)

Many years ago, my wife discovered one of my bras. It was in a drawer under our waterbed. She knew I crossdressed, yet, still suspected I was having an affair. I convinced her otherwise as I had no others in mind back then. This was way before internet.