Caught Wearing Pantyhose By My Shop Assistant (next Day)

i went home that evening and told my girlfriend what had happened that day with nicky,after i told her we were horny and had pantyhosed sex on the living carpet. the next morning as she was leaving she said goodluck for today and ask her to call round sometime,my gf likes ***** as well. i arrived for work at the usual time getting everything organised to open the shop,nicky doesnt start work until 1030 but she arrived early just after 9am.she walked in wearing a 3/4 length coat (fastened)a pair of natural tan hose and a pair of 4 inch heels.she unfastened her coat to show of her new green tartan skirt which just about covered her hosed clad ******,my **** was hard in an instant.she picked up the hem of her skirt and lifted it up to show me wasnt wearing any panties and i could see her hosed clad bush.she then told me the story of her leaving work and going shoppingfor her hose and skirt, she went home and tried them on in front off her partner of 11 years and he didnt take any notice until she pointed out what she was wearing and all he said was that she looked nice,which was a understatement she looked hot and totally sexy. nicky told me she bought some hose for her partner and tried to get him to wear them,but he wasnt having any off it and told him if he wanted to shag her he has to wear hose and he replied we will never have sex then. as i locked the shop and put a closed for stock taking sign on the window,i told nicky what my gf had said,the look on her face was of terror,she asked me what i had told her and i said everything and she would like you to call round sometime as she would like to get between your legs. she was totally dumbfounded and replied she had never been with another women but the thought off it really turned her on.i led nicky through to my office to the sofa and kissed her while my hand found its way under her skirt and i started to run my finger up and down her hosed slit,i could feel how hot and how wet she was.she was panting and gasping how good its feels,i then told her to get undressed but just to leave her hose she was doing this i started to get undressed as well.she started telling me about the bus trip to work how when she was sat down the bus quite a few people tried to get a peak up her skirt,this made her horny and unfastened her coat to make people think she was to hot and sat back down with her legs slightly apart,she told me she was getting wet when those who looked got a glance of her hosed clad ***** and got a few compliments,i started to suck her **** while stroking my finger up and down her hosed ****** and she got hold of my hosed clad **** and started to slowly **** it,i moved down between her legs and started to suck and lick her soaking wet hosed ******, i gave her 2 ******* before we swapped places, nicky started sucking my **** through my hose and she started to run a finger up and down my butt and stopping every now and again at my butt hole and started probing pushing my hose up my butt, my god i was i heaven i love that when my gf does it to me. nicky with her mouth and fingering me made me *** in about 2 minutes, that was great i told her as she was slurping all my sloppy goo up through my hose. to cut a long story short we ****** 3 times that day and twice i licked my own *** out off her which we both enjoyed,and shes joining me and and gf for some more pantyhose fun very soon. i cant wat
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Nice story.