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Hi, I was on this site before i caught my husband cheating then found out our house was foreclosed on cause he gambled all the money away.
Now im divorced livin in a small one bedroom APT on the back of the owners house with my 20 year old son who is what id call a computer geek,lol.
He has had a few GFS but since moving here last month has not met many people and seems to have low confedence about himself.
Im 38 and in better shape now than ever but kinda depressed about my life now and work part time at a diner.

In the evenings after I shower I like to put on my light bath robe and finish cleaning things up before bed.
Well last night i did just that while my son was watchin Tv in the living room where i sleep on the pull out bed since i let him have the only bedroom.
I bent over in the livin room pickin stuff up not knowing my robe had lifted over my butt till he said, I never knew u wore thongs mom at ur age and u wearing hot pink is kinda cool.
I stood up super fast totally embaressed looked at his big smile then just started laughing as he did and said, Get ur *** to bed because im not stayin up much longer.
He was still laughing as he entered his room and then a few minutes later i got onto the pullout bed in the living room taking off my robe i covered myself with a sheet and took off my bra and panties putting them ontop of my robe next to the bed and spreading my legs began slowly touching myself
and must have fall asleep cause i woke up two hours later at midnight needing to pee and hearing funny sounds from his bed room and could see his door open alitle as i put the robe on and walked to the bathroom at the far end of the hall past his bedroom and stopped to peak in and see what the noises were.
My mouth popped open when lookin in i edged the door open a crack more and seen him on his bed with his *** in the air facing the door with his head pushed into the pillows.
He was nude all except for wearing the thong i had just taked off.
But the shocking part is that he had a marker and was ******* his *** with it saying stuff like ,**** my *** Mom, and Mom do u like feelin my big **** in ur ***?
I could tell he was ******* cause he got louder then fell onto the bed face down humping it.
I went to the bathroom then coming out he stepped from his room wearing his boxers and his body was shining in sweat and the front of his hair was totally soaked.
I asked if he was ok and he said, a just a bad dream.
I laid awake most of the night with mixed feelings about what I seen,I felt guilty because I was honestly very wet thinking about it and the next morning I found my thong in the hamper soaked in *** and was not at all mad but felt kinda excited.
If he feels this way should I help him get over it?
But how without making him feel bad?
hothellen hothellen
36-40, F
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Well I know this for sure....... First of all, I'm almost positive that neither of you would have a problem with how you are thinking about "helping him get over it." I also think that the events that happened that night turned out exactly the way you wanted and that you got the confirmation that you were looking for, to see if your son felt the same way you did.
You got naked on the bed and *********** because you were so horny and wet from the mild exhibition scene and from the positive response from your son, letting you know that he saw you in a way, other than you as his mother and I'm pretty sure by the look on his face, he thought you were sexy and you noticed that. You didn't wait for him to go to sleep, hoping that he would catch you touching yourself and in the event that he missed that show, went to sleep that way (probably with your hand still touching yourself). He probably didn't miss either either scene and that is why he returned the favor.
Not only did he not close the door while he did himself with a marker, he did it a lot louder than he would have, had be been trying to have a private jack off session. Then, like mother like son, in the event that you missed his show, he made sure that you were well aware that he had taken your panties (not just any panties, but the one's you were wearing that night) and then left then, full of ***, where you would find them soaked in his, I'm sure, heavy load.
I'm just saying.
Great story