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I Share My Panties With My Brother

I do it so that he doesn't have to steal from other girls. Plus it makes him happy. I hate seeing him depressed, so I am glad to make him happy. I don't know if he is gay or anything, and I don't care. I just want him happy. Am I a bad person?
rachelmac919 rachelmac919 18-21, F 41 Responses Mar 20, 2013

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wish I had a sister like you growing up,!

Not all gay guys wear panties, not all pantyboys are gay. I know he would tell you all about it. We all are dying to share our individual stories about our first time and why we continue to wear them.

Wish you wear my sister

your a great sister.

No a great sis ;)

No not at all and I do not think your brother is gay there are a lot of guy's who love wearing knickers also I think you are a great sister to support him with this good on you I wish I had a sister like you

You are so so lucky to have had a sister who understands you!!!.xxx👗👗👗👧👧👧😃😃😃

Have you helped him dress further?

No. Your brother will love you forever for not judging him :)

What a great sister you are, my sister did the same for me, plus she liked her girlfriends to see me wearing her knickers. XXX

That's great ... and I take it that her girlfriends liked seeing you wearing her knickers! ;-) Do tell more ...

not you're not a bad person, in fact I admire you for being open minded about this

No you are a great person.

I so wish I could wear your panties after you have played in them!!!

Not at all, you are a sweety.
I had 3 elder sisters who would dress me as a girl and make walk, talk and act as a girl or they would jump on me and hurt me.
So your Brother is very lucky to have such a caring sister.

I wish I had a sister like you

I dont think its wrong to do...

Maybe even good because he's happy with it and he wont get problems because stealing somebody else her panties...

At the simplest level it is just underwear. Another panty n bra in laundry - big deal! There is nothing wrong with it what so ever

To me, knickers and pants are the same thing, except boys pants are thicker, that's all.

I wish I was your brother x

I used to share mine with my brother too, and like you I wondered if it was wrong or bad at the time, but I knew that him having them made him really happy at a time when it was really difficult for him and we both ended up being better, happier, and closer as a result, so that cant be a bad thing now can it?
He didn't grow up gay or anything, but so what if he had! Nothing ever happened between us both and all he really wanted was a really good friend to listen to him during a difficult time and someone to let him know that his feelings and desires weren't unnatural. I don't feel guilty at all about helping him and if a simple pair of worn knickers every now and then is all it takes then I say good for you girl!

It definitely wasn't a bad thing, dear, and I congratulate for being caring and understanding of your bro, sharing your panties with him and making him happy.

Wow what a nice sister you are. I have to think the two of you are very close now. The loving bond you have developed will last the rest of your lives. Its so cool that your panties were an important part of your relationship with him. I wonder if he still has a thing for panties. I started from a young age wearing panties and its every bit as strong now as when I was younger. You're a very cool person!!!!

Its all about the balance of life and you gave him nothing but sisterly love and thats the best anyone can have!

You have to be the greatest sister in the world!!!! I'm so jealous. I've never had a sister but if I did, I would want you as my sister!!!! I would love being your sissy brother. Has he ever asked you to dress him up or do makeup for him?

Simple put NO!

That's very nice and sweet of you to do.

You are an amazing person.

Far from being a bad person, you are so loving and thoughtful. He doesn't need to resort to stealing though. If your happy with him wearing yours (and what guy wouldn't be) then that's fine. Why not help him to buy some of his own. Either out shopping together or look over the internet and you buy them for him.

He is one lucky brother, having such a loving sister there for him. I doubt if this means he is gay, he's enjoying exploring a feminine side to him

I'd love to fill your knickers with my hot juice, then you can wear them, and rub it into your sweet *****...

i wish i had a sister and event better one that would let me wear her panties. myself i think u were a good sister.....

you sound like a good sister im gay and im really scared to ask my sister for panties

No you are a bad person,quite the opposite actually

What a fantastic sister you are, for letting your brother share your knickers...

I think you are a very wonderful understanding sister :) I'm sure he will appreciate you for what you did :)