I Share My Panties With My Brother

I do it so that he doesn't have to steal from other girls. Plus it makes him happy. I hate seeing him depressed, so I am glad to make him happy. I don't know if he is gay or anything, and I don't care. I just want him happy. Am I a bad person?
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How would you feel about sharing them with me?

No your not a bad person .I am a 37 male and wear sports bra and skirts.And I am straight .Women clothes
are comfortable .

Good girl.


This is a fantastic story ,is it really true?

No you are not a bad person at least in my eyes. Your brother is very lucky to have a sister who loves him so much.

my younger brother started wearing my panties at 15. One day I walked into my bedroom and found him sitting on my bed running his hand over some of my panties which had just been washed. I surprised him when Caught him but I think I surprised him even more when I asked if he'd like to try them on. He said no at first but I kept insisting until he went into the bathroom with a pair of nylon bikinis in pink. He came out with his jeans on. I asked him how he liked them and he admitted he did. I asked him where they were and he said he had them on. He wore my panties off and on for about three months. I was not aware of it but he was wearing them almost every day. I confronted him one day on it and he admitted he loved wearing them and wore them all the time. So I decided he needed his own so we went shopping. He now has quite an assortment and his taste runs along the same lines as mine and my sisters'....bikinis, thongs, all very feminine. The problem is that everyone in the house...me, my older sisters and my mother all wear the same size in bra and panties....size 6 panties and 34C bras so the laundry can get confusing.. Eventually they all found out him wearing panties and they were all OK with it. He has always been very effeminate so I guess it all fit in. A year or so later he wanted to dress up as a woman for a Halloween party so my sister and I decided to dress him up. After we had all the makeup on him he looked exactly like a very pretty girl. We picked out a straight, floor length dress from my older sister's wardrobe.. He put it on and it fit him well but I suggested he wear one of my panty girdles. I was not surprised that he said yes immediately. He had never had pantyhose or a girdle on so this was a first. I gave him a pair of off-black pantyhose. We told him that it was his choice but we both wore panties under a panty girdle and preferably the panty brief style. I gave him a pair of my nylon Vanity Fair panties. Then came the pantyhose and to no ones surprise he knew exactly how to put them on. After he had the girdle on he admitted he liked the tight feeling and even admitted that since he tends to get very hard often when wearing panties this would help. Now.....he regularly wears pantyhose under his jeans to school and just about all the time. He has his own panty girdles so all that's left I guess is a garter belt.

That's so nice of you to help him. He will love you forever for not being judgemental

This is a fantasy of mine I can't believe someones lived it.

No you are good! D you help him any more than that? Do you take him shopping?

wish I had a sister like you growing up,!

Not all gay guys wear panties, not all pantyboys are gay. I know he would tell you all about it. We all are dying to share our individual stories about our first time and why we continue to wear them.

Wish you wear my sister

your a great sister.

No a great sis ;)

You are so so lucky to have had a sister who understands you!!!.xxx👗👗👗👧👧👧😃😃😃

Have you helped him dress further?

No. Your brother will love you forever for not judging him :)

not you're not a bad person, in fact I admire you for being open minded about this

No you are a great person.

I so wish I could wear your panties after you have played in them!!!

Not at all, you are a sweety.
I had 3 elder sisters who would dress me as a girl and make walk, talk and act as a girl or they would jump on me and hurt me.
So your Brother is very lucky to have such a caring sister.

I wish I had a sister like you

I dont think its wrong to do...

Maybe even good because he's happy with it and he wont get problems because stealing somebody else her panties...

At the simplest level it is just underwear. Another panty n bra in laundry - big deal! There is nothing wrong with it what so ever

I wish I was your brother x

I used to share mine with my brother too, and like you I wondered if it was wrong or bad at the time, but I knew that him having them made him really happy at a time when it was really difficult for him and we both ended up being better, happier, and closer as a result, so that cant be a bad thing now can it?
He didn't grow up gay or anything, but so what if he had! Nothing ever happened between us both and all he really wanted was a really good friend to listen to him during a difficult time and someone to let him know that his feelings and desires weren't unnatural. I don't feel guilty at all about helping him and if a simple pair of worn knickers every now and then is all it takes then I say good for you girl!

It definitely wasn't a bad thing, dear, and I congratulate for being caring and understanding of your bro, sharing your panties with him and making him happy.

Wow what a nice sister you are. I have to think the two of you are very close now. The loving bond you have developed will last the rest of your lives. Its so cool that your panties were an important part of your relationship with him. I wonder if he still has a thing for panties. I started from a young age wearing panties and its every bit as strong now as when I was younger. You're a very cool person!!!!

Its all about the balance of life and you gave him nothing but sisterly love and thats the best anyone can have!

Sisters are so cool.

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You have to be the greatest sister in the world!!!! I'm so jealous. I've never had a sister but if I did, I would want you as my sister!!!! I would love being your sissy brother. Has he ever asked you to dress him up or do makeup for him?

Simple put NO!

That's very nice and sweet of you to do.

You are an amazing person.

i wish i had a sister and event better one that would let me wear her panties. myself i think u were a good sister.....

you sound like a good sister im gay and im really scared to ask my sister for panties

No you are a bad person,quite the opposite actually

I think you are a very wonderful understanding sister :) I'm sure he will appreciate you for what you did :)

i do it to but more of a punishment thing than anything else.

no you are not a bad person. You are a great person. That is a very caring supportive act. Most would not do this as they would feel threatend and would not accept your brother for who he is. You know that it is just something he enjoys doing and that it is not a sign of sexuality or anything other than the fact he likes to wear womens underwear really. To many read too much into things like this. Be proud of what you are doing and ignore those who critise.

Guys reading this I know it sounds weird but if you just ask your sister and explain why you like to wear them I am sure they would help you.

You are such a cool sister. Mine did the same for me :)

All you had to do was ask right?

Well more or less yes. She had known for a while and just asked me one day. Then she took me by my hand into her room and opened her drawer and asked me what I liked best. I love her so much.

Essentially that's what happened with my brother and I.

My sister and I shared panties and other items....nothing wrong with that.

You are a wonderful sister to help your brother. Many guys love to try wearing girls underwear. Most cross dressers are heterosexual.

actually that makes you a wonderful sister. He's lucky to have you!

Not at all, Rachel, you are a good person, sharing your panties with you bro. But I have a couple questions, one is how old is your brother and why doesn't he have his own panties?

No, it's good that you do this for your brother, and that you don't want him getting into trouble stealing, but you might ask him if he's gay, or why he needs them, just to know. You may want to give him the panties instead of share after you find out...