Worst Feeling Ever.


Before you start my story, know that it was written in 30mins and that I don’t have the best grammer. On top of that there IS PROFANITY, so if it offends you I am sorry.

My story would start some time before my 18th B-day. It all started as a regular saterday at our house, I went to a friends house to hang out and my mother went to work as a waitress. My dad on the other hand always seemed to have plans to have coffee with his friends. Usally I would hang out at a friends house til later on at night around 6 or later, but everyone of my friends on this day had somthing to do, So I went home early at around 4pm(BIG MISTAKE). As I went to open the door and I took a half step in.. thats when I heard it(our house was small).. the loud moan of a woman, when I heard this I FROZE. Milllions of thoughts flying through my head.... my hands were shaking.. at first I thought and wished that maybe I caught my dad watching ****, but no I clearly heard my dad's voice whispering to the woman as well..... I stood there for maybe 4 secs, than I closed the house door and ran to my car and just sat there. I sat there waiting, just waiting for somthing to happen. I was confused lost I didn't know what to do. One of my thoughts were to stay in my car and see who walks out the house, but I really really didn't want to have to face my dad at that time. So I started the car and just drove. I just kept driving for about an hour, thinking of excuses of what might have happened. Thats when my mother called me to pick her up from work. When she called I wanted to tell her, I wanted to tell her everything, but I didn't, I had decided to wait. So later on I picked her up and drove her home. We walked in the house and I just went straight to my room not giving anything or anyone any attention.

That night I had to drive my mom back to her work for a company party and during the drive I just SNAPPED, I was weak,I couldn't keep what I had heard from my mother. I told her everything, than something happened where we started arguing, I don't remeber exactly what had happened but I remeber being so mad that I stomped on the brakes while going 45+mph. A second later our car shook violently, We had been rear ended. That accident was the beginning of the confrontation.

After the crash, my dad called my mother, she picked up and told him about our accident. He starts yelling at us for crashing(he wasn't a calm person), and thats when my mother gave my dad hell. She started yelling back at him and confronting him about what he did. He had ask us to meet at a resturaunt near our house for a talk. Our car was drivable so we drove there. At the resturaunt my dad spoke of leaving the house etc. etc. thats when we decided to let it go and not have him leave the house, and after a while it just somehow got left alone. Noone spoke about it.

Two years has gone by since that Moment of my life. My respect for my father had slowly return. It was all going good, until the other day. I woke up around 1pm and went to use the toliet. Thats when I heard bed sqeaks.. I stopped breathing and in a few secs I heard.... that ******* moan again... that same ******* moan but way softer this time as if they were thinking no one can hear. Now I know what your thinking, maybe its your mother? The answer is no. that couldn't be her, she got another job where she goes to work at 5am and comes back at around 4pm. Since the last time I had lost that confused feeling, This time I felt anger, angry at my dad for bring that **** home when I am still in the ******* house. he didn't give a rats *** if I was home? So now i am sitting in my room i am thinking who is this woman he is sleeping with? To findout I put my camera phone aiming at our door and started recording. After 10min I hear my dad getting up and went to take a shower, after that he went back in his room for a little bit and than got back out to take out the trash. Thats when that woman came out the room and left the house. Thats his allaby for opening th door, Taking out the ******* trash. Later on I reviewed the video and I only captured waist and below of that woman.. you can see her tiptoeing out so to not make any noise, that sneaky ****.

After all that, I started looking for solutions, I asked myself if I should change everything or let this scumbag of a father get away with his sneaky **** or tell my mother and hurt her all over again. I have no idea what to do. I just dont know. So here I am, typing this horribly written story just so I can stay sane. Right now my father is the most disgraceful human being on earth, he dare bring that **** in the house. He is crossing the line further and further. I havn't looked him in the face ever since, and i don't know if i ever will again. If only I had enough courage, I would’ve caught them in the act and make him the one not able to look me in the eye. But I don’t, so here I am, keeping the big secret. Sign...

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I would rather know whats going on behind my back and deal with it head on than my kid to feel that kind of pain. Hes not worth your moms time. Hes your rather but you dont owe him ****!. Tell her you will have her back and burn that ******* crapy. Put him to the curb and be happy with mom.

that's all of your story? its nothing compare to my father. He converted to be a muslim so that he can marry another women. that my mother doesn't even know. and then he's not contented with that .He also have another women's around him. and he just don;t care if i can see them or whatever. He also want me to go with them. For how many time I confronted him but its just getting worst. Im not telling about this to my mom because i dont want her to be hurt by such a man. Because of this i really hate my father. Its just to bad for me that i need to bare all this things to me and not tell to my friends or any relatives.its so painful.

wow, i feel for you. im going through a similar situation now too. I have caught my dad mesadign emailing and talking to this woman in secrecy. i confronted him in his car last night when he was talking to her. can you believe he had the nerve to lie to my face and tell me it was his sister...when all the while im 1 foot away from him and i can clearly see the name of the woman. can you BELIEVE that he continues talking to her as if im some retarded blind, deaf fool that doesnt know whats going on. he, of course, denies it and says shes just a friend. what kind of friend do you have to talk to in secret and hide from your wife and kid. people who have something to hide are always guilty of something. today....i cant even look him in the face and i couldnt tell my mom, it would hurt her so much but i have to tell her eventually. hes out now for 3+ hours without saying where he was going, but i have a clue who he is with. he's not even being subtle about it anymore. i despise him, my whole life he has made my moms life and mine miserable and i just want this **** to stop once and for all. i know my mom wont like hearing this, i know i will have to be the bearer of bad news, but i cant see her waste any more emotion on someone so undeserving, she does everything for him. well im sick of it, i just hope she finally finds it in herself to divorce him and take everything he has....or at least half (via california divorce laws). im sorry man, you need to tell your mom and you guys need to get out of there. maybe get a job and help with expenses and be her rock to lean on. i know things are going to change here at my house, know you have people going through this delicate situation and that you arent alone in any of this.

I feel for you. I've been through this myself, cheated on that is, and personally, i think that it would be kinder for your Mom if you told her. through personal experience i know that men who continue to do these things dont change,. In my case i didnt want to loose my husband, and turned a blind eye to his carry ons,which got worse as time went on. Not only hurting me but my children as well. If you do decide to tell her you would need to be her strengh and support. She sounds like a strong person already, working hard to keep her family. He sure as hell wouldnt like it if the situations were reversed. Turn this into a positive thing for you and your Mum. Heartfelt feelings.

hope you all have faith. I think my dad is cheating on mom he will occasionally and randomly change his clothes, dress nice and leave the house. He'll say oh i have a meeting with the electric people, or i have a meeting with a lawyer or this and that. My mom is the best thing in my dads life and he don't give a s***. I hate it sooo much. I wan to confront my dad but i know he will deny it just like overtime i try asking him.

investigate. I did. I am almost positive he is cheating because he is staying with a "friend" tonight and said he would be home but never showed. Get a software thing that send all incoming messages to your email/phone and INVESTIGATE. No one who does that deserves a family as great as you people

the big secret. thats how i feel. its such a burden but im afraid ill set a chain of events in motion if i tell anyone. i dont have anything useful to say but thanks. just reading this makes me feel like im not alone in this terrible situation.

**** that "talking calmly" ****<br />
If that was me, i would have called him out. While she's there do something to make him realize that you've caught him again. Make loud noises, be obnoxious, anything!

stop digging urself a bigger hole<br />
just let ur son go<br />
and suck it up<br />
fear of wut?<br />
why?<br />
obviously they arentgonna put mini handcuffs on ur 9month old son<br />
and throw him on the floor in some prison<br />
i mean i feel for u, but ur just making matters much much worse<br />
if u really r that afraid take u belongings and escape and go to the bahamas or paris or somewhere and never ever return

i am very sorry that your going through this i have friend like u who is going through the same thing

You have my sympathy. As terrible as it might sound, I would confront him. He is showing a complete lack of respect for your mother AND you. You and your mom deserve better and he needs to know that. I wish you the best.

My dad grosses me out right now, talking to him makes my stomach turn, but my mother the first time i told her she expected it and tried to act like it didnt' hurt her but i knew it did(the phone call after the crash make me realise this). she was only acting strong in front of me because she saw how badly I took it. Later on she did say some things are better left alone.I also that peroid of akwardness in our family, it sucked alot... but i just hate how he can lie to my mother an I in our faces, its disgusting

Fair enough too. <br />
What if you talked to your Dad and asked him to come clean? If you can bring yourself to talk to him.... Think he would tell the truth?<br />
I guess, if I was your Mum, I would want to know - nothing worse than living a lie and that feeling of everybody knowing except you.... but thats just me. Did your Mum ever make noises the first time his infidelity was revealed that she was better off not knowing?

Thanks auroraaustralis, Its not me I am worried about atm. Its just that my mom does so much for that man. She cooks, and she is the only working member of the family right now. everytime I see her be nice to him it just tears me up inside.

I wish I could say something helpful or useful. I really have no idea what you should do. I just want to let you know that I really feel for you stuck in this situation. Its just awful - I hope you can find some sort of resolution although I have a feeling things will probably get worse for a while before they get better. Just follow your heart - you need to do what your conscious tells you. Best of luck, stay strong :)