I Caught My Husband Cheating And He Learned My Secret

We had been married for many years and like many marriages, boredom and lonliness set in. It wasn't intentional but all marriages get to a point where you either take each other for granted or one partner loses something from when you first met and fell in love. I don't know whether it was fortunate or not, but what happened to me was an experience in which our marriage has not been dull since.

I consider myself attractive. I met him in college and we got married a year later. Our life together was great for the first few years. Then something seemed to affect him that changed what we had. Our physical relationship, where we would **** like bunnies, got less and less active. We would go at it for hours each day. And then, it trickled to once or twice a week. And then it was more mechanical then anything. No passion, no intimacy, no love.

I am a very passionate person that really needs a strong physical relationship. As our intimacy waned, my husband became more aware of my best friend. During the warm weather, she would wear very short shorts when in the garden. When we went to her home or she came to visit me, he got closer and closer with her. Finally, during one visit when I was out running errands for one of her visits, she arrived early. The inevitable happened and she and my husband started to make out and it ended up where they ******** and went to our bedroom. He removed her panties and presented him with a magnificent bush between her legs. Her **** were beautiful and his **** immediately came to attention.

She gave him head to prepare him for the ultimate sensation. After about 15 minutes, she laid on her back and spread herself. He crawled between her legs and used his tongue to explore her bush. She tasted wonderful and he had that feeling with her that he had when I first met him. He worked his way up her tummy to those gorgeous 38DD's. They began to French kiss and she grabbed his **** and presented the head to the entrance of her carnal canal. She moaned as he slipped inside her. Oblivious to the outside world, they began rhythmic humping. She thrust up while he plunged down.

I am not sure what drew his attention, but during one of his thrusts, he stayed deep inside her luscious ****. Feeling the sensations of her **** walls, he just happened to glance towards the door. Again, I don't know why. Maybe it was a sixth sense. But there I was, standing in the doorway. I was wearing a skirt and blouse and had a look on my face that could kill. I did not say a word. I had my arms crossed and he just instinctively withdrew from her *****. There was nothing he could say. He was caught with his **** in the honey pot (so to speak). He just walked away, me glaring at him and saying only, I'll deal with you later. I told him to close the door because I needed to talk to her.

He sheepishly got dressed figuring that he may have just ended our marriage. Through the door, he could hear me in no uncertain terms what I thought of my friend and my husband. Of course, he had no way of knowing that we were both trying to keep from laughing. After awhile, he heard less and less as he strained to hear what was going on. And then it got quiet. His curiosity was killing him and he wanted to know what was going on in our bedroom. He couldn't stand it any more.

He slowly turned the doorknob to our room so he could get a peek inside. He just hoped that I didn't kill her and that's why it was quiet. As he nudged the door open a crack until he could see the bed, he finally learned what I had never told him before. And it was something he never knew about me. There was my friend laying on the bed spread-eagle. And there I was, until that moment he thought I was totally straight, my mouth clamped tight to my girl friends *****, eating her out. He couldn't believe it. The realization hit him that I was bi. He opened the door a little more just as we were ready to switch positions. We saw him at the door. I looked at him, licking my lips with my friends juices on them. I hesitated for a minute and then turned myself 180 degrees. I positioned myself to 69 with my friend.

He just stood there like an idiot not knowing what to say or do. We began going at each other as if we had not eaten for weeks. The moans and groans told him we were reaching *******. And the aroma of our sex filled the air. He couldn't help but grab himself at a seen he could only have dreamed. We finally stopped and laid together on the bed, cuddling our naked bodies and watching him stroke himself.

Finally I said to him, well, now you know my secret. Even before we were married, I have had a lesbian relationship with my friend. And me catching you with her was a setup. I knew it must have been getting frustrating for you. Our physical relationship seemed to be going downhill. It was nothing you did. It was more my fault. I proceeded to tell him that I never stopped having a great physical relationship. It just happened to by with my best friend. I did not know how you would react. So I set it up to see if you would **** my friend if given the opportunity. He was at a loss for words. I told him that I had no problem if you wanted to **** her or any other woman. With that, I waved him over to join us in bed.

We proceeded to have some of the greatest sex of my life. It was my first 3-way with my husband. I even encouraged him to **** her friend for real by releasing his quite substantial first load of cream into my friends *****. My girl friend's ***** eagerly swallowed his ****. As he pumped his load into her, I massaged his balls, encouraging every drop. His second load went deep into my ****.

It was a time that changed both our lives and our marriage forever.
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that must have been a hot experience, would love to experience that too lol

how are you? does your friend share you bed on regular basis now? how was it this weekend?

lovely true story with a natural wonderful flow of events and such a treat to read

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you bad girl, well anyway that was definitely a five star story!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🔥

Hello Dear how are you? do you still have a 3 way fun regularly?

more power to both of you

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What a great relationship you all have!!

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Great story! It caught me by surprise, but I loved it. I would love to be in that situation.

Why not be in that situation. Go for life. Live who you have to be. I'd love to talk.

Please add me or email me at czak5932@hotmail.com

Very interesting story, indeed... And I agree. Very well written.

TY. Had you thought of living that lifestyle. Would be happy to chat.

How exciting - and a great plan.. well done.

TY. I just had to be who I am.

lol - just checking in? about 8 months after the post!

Never too late. Let's chat.

What a hot and erotic story, and especially well written.

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