I Caught My Husband With Another Man

i am a 35 year old married woman, with two small children, and we live in a semi next door to a detached with a swimming pool owned by an older couple with three grown up children, two boys, aged 17 and 20, and a girl, aged 22. it was a hot summer's day, and we were invited round for drinks and a swim together with val and dave, the older couple, and their two boys simon and mark. The girl was visiting an old college friend, and not at home. We all sat around the pool, enjoying the weather, with my husband, who is 38, dave, and the two boys regularly jumping in and out of the water, while val largely stayed on her sunbed chatting and sunbathing, and i played with our two little ones, occasionally taking them for a splash in the shallow end. It was late afternoon when val said that she and dave were going in to get dressed, and take a run out to see dave's elderly mother, but that we were welcome to stay as long as we wanted, and that they would be back at around 8pm or so.

So at around 5pm they said cheerio, and drove away leaving the two boys, my husband john and myself and the kids, but soon after the elder boy simon left the pool to go into town shopping with a friend, leaving just the younger boy mark. He is very good looking, nice and suntanned, and an obvious hit with the girls i thought, and very relaxed with adults for his age, so we all got on fine. It was round about half five when my two kids were starting to get tired and fractious, so i told john i was popping home to put them to bed, and would pop back later if i could. otherwise i expected him back whenever.

I got the kids to bed, with no struggle at all as they were very tired, and made myself a cup of tea in our back garden from where i could hear the occasional sound of splashing and conversation, but otherwise not very much. I'd been gone about an hour when i decided to go back for a short time, and maybe have a dip myself, and let myself through the back gate and onto the patio which is about 50 yards or so from the pool area, accessed through a small gate in the middle of a hedge. As i approached i could hear what sounded like moaning, and generally sounds of pleasure, and through the hedge i could just make out john and the younger lad mark lying side by side on the sunbed (wide enough for about three people) and both were completely naked. i stopped in surprise, shock really, and was even more stunned to realise that they were both erect, and stroking each other's penises. it was like i was frozen to the spot, but although i found i could move neither forward nor back, I couldn't help but continue watching, and was even more gobsmacked when my husband began sucking mark's penis. he sucked mark's penis for roughly another minute, and all the time mark was moaning and holding the back of john's head until i heard him say, raising his voice in what was clearly excitement, "i'm coming." john removed his mouth, and began to ********** mark, and shortly afterwards mark had a violent ******, ******* all over himself. i was still frozen to the spot when i heard one of the kids starting to cry, so i quietly returned through the side gate, and back to our house.

It was roughly another hour before john returned, and to cut a long story short, we were alone and together on our patio having a glass of wine after a salad dinner when i told him what i'd witnessed. He wasn't the slightest bit embarassed, and actually said that he was hoping i would return and not only catch them having sex together, but also to join in. He asked me if I had enjoyed the sight of him sucking another man/boy's penis, and when i said i was too shocked to have enjoyed anything, he came straight out and said that if he could arrange it, would i consider joining in. He said he had had bisexual sex at school (he was a boarder) and the occasional male to male encounter afterwards, and that he considered himself mainly heterosexual, but with strong bisexual leanings. I didn't know what to say, but after some pause said that i would not be prepared to join in such things, and that i would not expect him to repeat what happened as it would threaten our marriage. He claimed that it was purely a man thing, needing variety etc, and we left it there, with me saying i would give it some more thought int he coming days.

And now to my main point. That night in bed, with john going straight to sleep, i lay awake for a good couple of hourse thinking about what i'd seen, and as the minutes ticked by i realised that i was now feeling quite differently, and was actually very excited by the thought of what i'd seen. Watching Mark ********* was a real turn on as i recalled it, and he was a good looking boy with a very nice penis. about the same length as john's, six inches or so, but much, much thicker, and very very hard. i found myself thinking about the three of us sunbathing nude together and both john and i taking it in turns to suck mark's penis. so much so that i got soaking wet, and had barely began to touch myself before having a huge ******. This was six days ago, and it is more and more on my mind, so much so that i am thinking seriously of inviting john to organise the ********* he wants. The question is, would this be dangerous? For our relationship i mean. Even if most people suggest it is, though, i find myself aching to have mark's **** inside me, and to watch him and john having sex together. It is becoming an irresitible thought, so i would appreciate advice as to what to do!!

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Not too long ago ,I confessed my bisexuality to my wife...instead of being angry,she confided that she had known for quite some time and didn't think it was a problem ( unknown to me ,she had seen me dressed up in lingerie whilst sitting at the computer wanking on cam,a couple of times )
I got the best surprise of my life 2 days after my 45th birthday when she brought a man home from a girls night out...he was my belated gift from her..to do whatever I wanted( she insisted I dress up for him and I went upstairs to shower and change etc)
When I came down they were locked in an embrace - his rather lovely **** in her hand.
She smiled at me and said she was warming it up for me...lol
Dave ( his name ) complimented me on my appearance and said he was looking forward to ******* us BOTH...which he did for the rest of the very long night
In the early morning I awoke to see my lovely wife slowly sucking his ****...and I joined her,getting his huge load


There's certainly risk any time you open up a relationship. On the other hand, there's also risk in ignoring a door that's clearly already open for your husband. Each of us has to decide what we're willing to accept and embrace and where our personal boundaries reside. In an ideal world (at least my ideal world), you could both accept and enjoy together. Intimacy comes with sharing our secret self and having it accepted or better yet (if we're very lucky) finding someone who will share it with us. Whether that works for you and you can do that in this situation is a question only the two of you can answer. Good luck and know you've made more than one man on this site think of you with wanton thoughts, myself included. M

your my dream girl

First of all, your story has me rock hard. I finally came out and told my wife that I loved being with guys and to my surprise she said "go for it". She now ***** my *** on a regular basis and even got me a collar to wear. She loves pretending she is one on my lovers. While she has yet to watch in person she does love seeing pics of me with guys that I send her at work. I am looking forward to the day she is there in person. In the meantime if anything we **** more than ever. I say "go for it"

It makes me quiver to think of giving young cute guy a *****

All i know is that my ex (bi) had always wanted to see two guy's suck each others ****, so i tried it for her & ended up liking it a lot. She gets off on watching us bi guy's sucking each other and then joins in on the fun. I say try it & if after watching you don't like it, don't do it again. Most women who want to see it, end up enjoying it.

Well everyone go check out www.cuckold. Many many maried couples enjoy one girl two guy stuff. Go for it, why not ? After all it's only sex fun, not like murder :) So ask yourself WHY NOT DO THIS ? Yes why not ?

my wife and I have had ********** alot she knowes I like giving head I like for her to watch she dont mind I like for her to habe sex with other guys and let me eat her I have never been with another woman sense we been togather but we both have been with other men we have been togather for 15 years this all started when we were togather ib our first year and I have loved every min. of it

I am bi sexual and my wife is fine so long as it does not intrude on our life and it is something I engage in every few months as opposed to every day!! I would love her to be part of it as I think it would provide a variety to our daily routine. More recently I have tried a slightly different tack. My wife has always fantasised about being with a black man, so I have suggested that is maybe something we could do together. I got a wry smile a few weeks ago so you never know!! Good luck and enjoy!

I am bi sexual and my wife is fine so long as it does not intrude on our life and it is something I engage in every few months as opposed to every day!! I would love her to be part of it as I think it would provide a variety to our daily routine. More recently I have tried a slightly different tack. My wife has always fantasised about being with a black man, so I have suggested that is maybe something we could do together. I got a wry smile a few weeks ago so you never know!! Good luck and enjoy!

When I was married, we had several 3sum/bi experiences with men, and we both loved it!If you are both totally OK withit, and promise never to tell, go for it. Life is short, and we should experience every joy that we want. Plus, its hard and rare to find someone to do this with. Don't miss the opportunity.

I know all about it. My wife caught me with the guy from next door one afternoon while he was giving me head next to our pool and she freaked. Soon the whole neighborhood knew, our friends knew, our families knew, and I became an outcast. She asked me to leave after two weeks of our trying to work things out. I could have, she couldn't accept it. I understood. But I'm bi and that's that. I now have a woman in my life (8 years) who I told when we met, and she's been cool with it. She won't go in for 3 or groups, but she gets it that sometimes I want a man, and I'm not insane or irresponsible about it. She is one in a million I guess. We have a good life and really love each other. I just have sexual interest in guys as well as ladies and that's that. I've accepted it as part of who I am. It's not easy - you can't exactly tell male buddies about it - been there - because while they say it doesn't matter, the friendship starts to wane and you see less and less of them. We all have little secrets about ourselves - this is one a guy must keep to himself (other than his trusted life partner / wife).

That is a helluva a story, and your circumstances are very exciting to think about. As far as what you should do? I can't help you (sorry) But If you decide to go for it, I want to read about it...LOL... Good luck and have fun