Wife Sees Neighbor Naked

My wife has told me that on days when I was at work, she would get the mail from the letterbox at the end of the driveway after she heard the mailman leave. Often as she turned around to go back into the house, Matt would came out of his house naked and walked to his letter box. She thought Matt was 'flashing' her as he has done this before while she was at home. My wife thinks that Matt pretends not to notice her but he is almost always aroused. However, on this particular day after Matt had done his flash, my wife went out to our back garden for some sunbathing. While there, she could hear Matt daring Susan (his new girlfriend that my wife knows quite well) do the same nude walk to the mailbox. My wife decided to go see if she would do it and she did. A week later, I was home while my wife had left early in the morning with my car. I decided to watch if Matt would do his flash. I heard the mailman come and put some letters in Matt's mailbox, but we didn't get anything. I watched intently from the window and after a couple of minutes, true enough, Matt was walking down his driveway nude. He took the letters from the mailbox and looked around to see if anyone else was around. Next he gestured someone to join him and I couldn't believe it but Susan joined him also naked. She is very beautiful with a terrific body. They hugged and kissed. I quickly thought that before they went back to the house I should do a naked walk to our letter box. I opened the front door, and started walking just as Matt and Susan were walking back. I was looking at both of them when Matt looked over and saw me. I said hello which made Susan jump. She quickly tried covering herself up and ran back inside. After I finished looking in the letter box knowing that it was empty and went back into our backyard. I could hear Matt and Susan talking and how Susan was so embarrassed. I heard Matt say to Susan that both my wife and I were always nude at home. He also told her of the hole in the fence and offered to see if I was sunbathing nude. I know they watched me a while until i could hear them having sex in the pool. So I had a look through the hole. I told my wife about what happened when she got home. She wasn't very happy with me watching Matt and Susan in their backyard. But it's too late now.
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1 Response Mar 20, 2011

thats hot, love to be nude outside weather permitting. thanks for sharing..