Caught The Female Neighbor Naked

I always fantasized about seeing my neighbor's wife naked, but until this morning, I hadn't had the opportunity. When I got up this morning, it was still dark outside. When I stepped in the hallway to get ready for work, I noticed the neighbors bedroom blind were left 6 inches open on the bottom and the lights where on. Since it was dark outside, it was very easy to see inside. I knew the neighbors often left approximately at the same time as me and I wondering if maybe I was going to be lucky enough to see Michelle get dressed. Our houses are about 15 feet apart and we have windows at the same places. 2 minutes later, lucky me, there she was butt naked. She walked around the room and when she turned to walk towards the window to access her dresser. I could see her recently shaved *****. I lowered my head so I was able to get a nice visual on her firm breast bouncing with the rhythm of every step she took. Once she got to the dresser, she put on a nice pair of sexy red underwear and matching bra and walked out of sight to continue dressing in the walk-in closet. Let's hope that they continue to leave the blinds a bit open with an open window to let the cool air in.
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If it happens with any regularity then it is intentional by one or both of them. I leave the drapes open in one room so there is a straight shot into the bathroom where my wife gets ready each morning...

I'll bet that her husband leaves them open as a tease for you. Guys think about this kind of thing.

That must be why he received a few ******** right at the window where I could see her take in all of his **** or why he's making her ride reverse cowboy facing the window.

Dude, they're both into you!

Oh yeah - they want an audience, and maybe an extra participant!

great story ,made me smile at the thought of you staring at her without her knowing!!

wow really nice,thanks for sharing..hope an opportunity like that happens for me..

just dont mention by accident anything you werent supposed to see . Lol

I totally agree. Specially that she has some very nice D breasts.

great story! I would keep a watch and maybe you will get lucky again. Too bad you don't live next door to me and my wife. She could put on a good show for you.

I've got to move to Nashville.

Sounds like you're very lucky. I had a neighbor do the same thing for years...<br />
Get a camera, take some video or snap some pictures and post em!

I have been really lucky. They kept the blinds the same way and since we're on the same work schedule. I saw her naked every morning last week. It makes the morning hellos on our way to our cars much more interesting for me.