I Spy :)

Well my master bathroom overlooks my neighbors yard, and back of them house. As the tall fence normally gives me 100% privacy from their end but my second floor looks down into their bedrooms. I caught an eye full of the husband walking through the kitchen onto the patio hard as a rock at 11 pm. Mmm I watched him swimming as I rubbed my bean. I just hope they watch me coming out of the shower
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thats so naughty ;)

I wish it was my **** you were getting off on

Wish we were neighbours!!! :)

Would love having a neighbor like you to watch and be watched by... All by accident of course... Lots of accidents... ;-)

Ive had one like that, the house behind mine has a very sexy 35+ woman in it and one day while I was stroking it i looked through my window and saw her staring right at me rubbing herself. I waved her over and we ended up having sex.. A lot!

Beautiful , whats fair is fair Sexy !! I know I'd love 2 watch Baby!!

Lucky you. It's always fun sneaking a peak and even more fun wondering if someone might be peaking back.

i'd be watching for you in the shower after practice every day.

You sound like the kinda of neighbor I would love to have.

Makes me wish I was your neighbor and could discover you exiting your shower. *smiles*

You're going to make that happen I think...good for you...him

you're a hot young thing! lots of sex ahead for you dear. good hunting, kitten!

Sure wish we were neighbors lol :P

coffee bean? jelly bean? mexican jumping bean?

I wish I had a neighbor like you. I'm always naked around the house but it would be much more exciting if I knew I had an appreciative audience.

Sounds like a plan... :)

Your stories are so hot!!! Please add me

Price story! I can relate to that. My fence hides everything on the first floor, but upstairs I can look out and see into my neighbors back yard. They have two nice daughters and I may have been caught stroking my **** looking out at one or both of them in their skimpy bikinis. I have been flashed a couple of times as well.

How old r the daughters? Cute?

I'd love to watch you rub that bean!

Sounds like an awesome neighbourhood..

fair ..... is ..... fair

You can bet they do watch, if it's visible!

When I was younger my room faced the neighbours bedroom. I would watch my her change and rub herself without a care in the world. So I started doing the same and leaving my curtains or blinds open and she eventually caught on and it lead to some great times

Lucky man.

Very sexy, do u ever stand naked in front of the window to see if they will notice you?

even since I was young iv love opening the blinds turning on the lights and putting on a show for anyone walking by
Mmm I luv it. I was that teen **** who\'d dress skimpy and loved how the men would stare. Tube tops, micro skirts, loved having a tight white top on and no bra. My nipples would stand up and say hello

Awesome there is nothing sexier then seeing a beautiful girl in skin tight clothes with her nipples pointing straight out

I wish you were living across from us! We used have a neighbour that I swapped "shower flashes" at night with just before bedtime.
At first it was an "accidental thing". She had a towel over head, having washed her hair, with the curtains wide open next to the bathroom.
But once she realised that she had an audience, and I wasn't trying to hide from her...even with a hard-on, it became an almost nightly occurrence!
A couple of times, I saw her at our local pub. Both us were with our spouses.
We recognised each other immediately, but just smiled politely. No words were spoken.
This had been our little secret for a few weeks, and we intended to keep it that way. Ha!
Then it stopped, as quickly as it began.
I found out some time later, that her husband had been promoted and they had moved to Canada, from England.
Please get in touch if you want to share some pics privately. We are a happy UK couple. Totally discreet and would like the same assurances from you.
Agreed? Let me know here, when you have emailed us with pics.
Kevin &Chris.

hahahaha..good location for a nice view!

watching can be fun especially when it is least expected

Hmmmmmm. . . Throught the kitchen & onto the patio hard as a rock. . . Perhaps he was turned down for sex and needed to cool down, so you missed an opportunity to help him with his problem.

was he big?


your story is hot and very lucky