Neighbors Party

The wife was sunbathing topless by the pool one afternoon.  After a while she came into the house and told me that its sounds like the neighbors are having a party.  I thought this unsual as we are normally invited.  Anyway, not too bothered by this, and being a warm day, I really want to join my wife sunbathing than going to a party.  Our neighbor seem conservative and therefore we have never asked them to join us nude.  They know of our lifestyle but have never said anything about it.

I joined my wife and was sunbathing nude.  I could hear the noise of people next door as they laughted and joked.  They sounded quite young and then my wife said that she could hear our neighbors 17 year old son Matt and that the party must be his.  We laid on the lounger for some time, as the day got warmer. 

A time later, I heard Matt say to his friends that they could go for a swim in their pool.  One of the girls said that she didn't have anything to wear to swim in.  One of the guys responded that he didn't either, but that he didn't need anything.  Matt replied that his neighbors (meaning us) walk around and swim in their pool naked all the time.  He then continued to tell them of times when he had seen my wife and I naked.  My wife looked at me quite shocked as she thought she had been careful not to get caught.  Our backyard is private and therefore I have to assume that he seeing us naked wasn't by accident. 

At this point my wife decided to go back into the house, while I continued to listen to Matt's stories about us.  Then there was a splash as one of Matt's friends jumped into the pool.  I could hear the "woohoo's" and other comments encouraging each other to take their clothes off and jump in.  At this point, I decided to investigate how Matt could have seen us, so I went up to the 8 ft. wooden fence behind the row of bushes.  As I walked along, I found a hole in the fence that had a view between the bushes looking towards our pool and sun deck.  This must be where Matt would watch us.  I looked through the gap and could see across our neighbors back garden and their pool.  Some of Matt's friends in the pool.  I assumed the guys in the pool were naked, a couple of the girls in the pool had bra's on that didn't hide much now that it was wet.  There was a couple still sitting at a table fully clothed.  I watched them for a while as they jumped in and out of the pool.  The guys were in fact naked.  The girls with bra's on eventually took the bra's off and were topless.  The couple sitting at the table and Matt with another girl that had come from inside the house ******** off completely and dived in the pool.

After a while, my wife came back out and caught me looking through the gap. She wispered to me to stop, but I encouraged her to have a look.  She eventually did and commented that she could see Matt naked.  I have no doubt she enjoyed this as it took a while for her to stop looking.

Day's later we saw Matt and his girlfriend as we were leaving to go out.  His girlfriend was one of the people skinny dipping that day and I couldn't help but visualise her naked.  I'm sure my wife did the same with Matt but she won't admit to it.

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My girlfriend and I were in our mid 30's and we went to Toronto with a group, After dancing in the hotel lounge we went to our room about 1;00 am . We undressed, she is on the window side, I noticed that the curtains were open, am certain she did too. Remembering that she told me she was an exhibitionist, but I didn't know what to do with that at the time.

I didn't close them nor did she. We were on the 4th floor and there was another hotel across the street. I don't know if anyone saw us but they were not disappointed in any way. The next day we discued the open curtains, she said she knew and liked it that way. That was the day I discovered that I liked it too as I had never done or thought of anything like that

Since then her bare **** and sometimes hairy **** became a part of the public domain. I was usually with her, but not always, and enjoyed her antics as much as she does. She would even let strangers reach in the car and feel her up and down. WOW I am so lucky to have a girl like her.

By the way she is 5'4', 110 lbs. 34b bust, 34 ***

I suggest that you ask your girl or wife if she has any exhibitonist tendencies. Find out and take it from there.


Would have loved to have got his girlfriend over, but my wife wasn't comfortable with Matt. He had made some fairly lewd remakes to her in the past.

It's a shame that they didn't invite ya'll over. Did ya'll ever get Matt and his girlfriend over to swim in your pool?