Wife Cheated On Business Trip?

A few years ago my wife spent a lot of time travelling all over the US for work with a group of about 10 others (with some rotation within the group...). Anyway I always wondered if she had any sexual fun on those trips but we never really talked about that much. However, each time she would come home and unpack I would make sure to get some quiet time to go through the clothes hamper to see if there were any telltale signs. Usually nothing and usually conservative underwear that wouldn't be anything a woman would wear if she was on the prowl. However, there was the one trip when a lot of the panties in the hamper were much sexier than she generally wore for everday work activities. I of course checked the crotch of each hoping to find *** stains. I didn't. However, two of these panties had significant residual of her own female juices, beyond what would be experienced just making it through the day. I know that some dancing and that sort of activity took place after work was done. While I never asked I'm convinced she at least had the opportunity with a man or men to get extremely turn on. What does anybody else think may have happened?
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I was new to this cuckhold feeling with my now ex wife and I interfered with what could have been more cheating without the wife knowing that I had access to her work email and could read her correspondence with this guy she ****** on a business trip. Clearly she left the door open to go back again. If I had this all over again, I would have said nothing and reaped the rewards the hot sex that comes from a cheating wife!

I know what you're going through! After several experiences with my ex similar to yours; I asked myself if it was worth all the effort I was putting into trying to figure out what, when, how and with whom she was doing it with? I decided it wasn't worth it.

I stopped worrying about what she was doing when we weren't together. If she was happy and treated me well when she was with me, I wasn't going to think about her extra marital activities. Apparently I took away her fun, a short time later she decided the object of her latest affair was her soul mate. I think when I said screw-it, its not worth it, I stopped letting her pull my chain.

If she is attractive, she probably had her little married ***** stretched by a guy or two on her trip.

He probably got her all hot and wet, then took her back to his room to **** your wife all night. In the morning, she showered and made sure to clean as much of his *** out of her ***** as she could.

Knowing my wife, a couple of drinks, some dancing and she will **** him

i'd be more focused on the sexy panties rather than the dirty panties. That tells me she wanted to "feel" sexy while on this trip and meant that she wanted to "look" sexy if someone started taking her clothes off. whether she did or didn't is a question that only she can answer. whether she wanted to is a question that one can surmise from her behavior. and from what you wrote, i think she was definately thinking about it and most likely had someone in mind.'<br />
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i remember my first wife used to travel with a girlfriend of hers to an annual corporate meeting. Her girlfriend had a lover that met her at the conference and ****** her every night. she never told her husband and always acted like a strait-laced conservative woman. How do i know? well after one of the trips, i checked out my ex-wifes panties and they were full of *** stains, lol. which took her several months to admit. and at the time, we did not have an open marriage..... i had an unfaithful wife which is what led to the ultimate divorce....<br />
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so the point it is this...... you must talk with her, and get her comfortable enough to confide in you about her adventures..... good luck my friend

still not sure what may have happened, although she recently had to run out of the house and left her email account up and open and I glanced at the page and noted lots of emails from men I didn't know...opened a couple which had comments in them from her that were curious...double meaning sorts of phrases that could be innocent and at the same time could have been VERY suggestive and one was in fact to a guy who I believe was on a few of these trips....curious...thanks for the insight

Your wife's activities are very suspicious, to say the least.

if your wife is like mine she was a "good" girl which means she played around a lot with lots of different guys. my wife told me that most times on trips like your wife was on her panties never left the suitcase. my wife says they just get in the way.

My story is from quite a few years ago -1972 actually. My wife had a two week business trip for training at her company's headquarters in San Francisco. We live on the East Coast. She was 23 years old, pretty, great body, long blond hair. I had always told her that she could do anything that she wanted to do and in fact I'd find it exciting to hear about any adventures. <br />
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There was one guy in the training class that she was attracted to. He was from the company's Kentucky office. He wasn't married but was engaged. They rented a car together so they could take some trips after classes and, of course, ended the evenings at a bar for a few drinks and some dancing. I was hearing the stories and it sounded promising. I was getting excited but as the second (and final week) was ending, there still had been no sex. I encouraged her to not wear a bra when they went out, to wear a thin, tight top to make sure he could see her nipples and to check for an erection by pressing into him when they danced. <br />
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That was what she did the next night and, at the bar, she went for it. She did find that he was erect and she stayed pressed into him for a few minutes. He sure didn't move away, he pressed hard into her. At that point, she felt free enough to invite him back to her room. <br />
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They got to the room and started kissing and tugging at clothes and he suddenly said, "I can't do this, I'm getting married in a few months and I can't start the marriage this way." <br />
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He called her a few times after they got back to their respective offices and he eventually told her that he was really sorry that they didn't do what they had gone to the room to do. <br />
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Me, too. It's 40 years later and I'm still disappointed. We still have the "graduation" picture of that training class and I've looked at him a few times and always have the same thought, he sure missed something both of us would have enjoyed. <br />
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I agree with multitalanted. Tell her it's OK to have sex with anyone she wants and tell her how hot it would make you when she tells you all about it. Good luck.

What a perfect intro :-) Tell her about a dream you had ;-) that she shags another man. Show her how turned on you are by the dream. And fom there begins the emotional rollar coaster of the satisfied's such a wonderful lifestyle, if your marriage is strong, you won't have a problem......but talk, talk, and talk to her.

I am sure that she had sex. This would stimulate my fantasy. Best would be to talk about with her. Maybe she get hot and would do it more often.

I hope that she did, that it was wild, hot, wonderful sex and that someday she tells me about it all, which would be best told while I am on top and in her!

My wife used to take a lot of business trips and when she returned I usually asked if she had been a good girl. She knew I wanted her to have sex with someone, so this gave her the opportunity to tell me.<br />
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The absence of *** stains might just mean your wife was smart enough to have him wear a condom.

Have you ever asked her about it or told her you fantasize about it?