I Caught My Wife

my wife works for a major chain store in dublin ireland she had been telling me about one of the managers who works in the stock inwards section who she said she found she could talk to about anything, things that where going on in her life that she could not talk to other friends about, she was going on & on about this chap so much that something just did`nt seem right i asked her if anything was going on with him and she said they were just friends having a laugh in work thats it nothing else, any way one night she tells me he has been flashing her and she thought this was very funny ,and let him carry on flashing over the next couple of weeks, then she tells me she flashed her **** at him though nothing else happened i told her its not on, but she says its just a laugh. then she tells me he droped in for a coffee on his lunch break and they were talking about sex but he was nervous spilled his coffee and said he had to go back to work, they were talking about what he would like to do to her but she said it was all talk . then she arranged for him to call again when i was collecting the kids from school she told me he was coming down to talk about stoping the sexy chat & banter in work so i said he is not interested in talking about work he is coming down with the intension of getting what he can from her , no no you have him all wrong she protested, ok let him come down talk to him but you better tell me if he tries anything i said, she agreed . so i have a small covert cam in the house so i set it up in the sitting room so i could hear what was being said expecting all the chat up lines he would use to try to get into her pants. what i got was my wife welcoming him into our home wearing a dressing gown and little babydoll nothing else the did everything he went down on her she sucked him , then they started having sex right in our living room the thing he was doing to her she allways told me she hates, spanking, deep throat ,even tossing him self off with her feet. she hates anyone at her feet, she was even ************ with her vibrators for him, anyway they fineshed up he left she got dressed for work as if nothing had happened. when i got back i asked what had happened and she said they had argued he told her to delete his number from her phone not to call him and so on. i left it at that she went to work the kids went out to play so i watched the video it was some shock seeing her with this guy who was supposed to be talking but doing anything but talking, when she came home from work i asked her again what happened but she lied trough her teeth giving me the same story as before until i told her i knew something had gone on but she kept on denying anything happened. then i told her i had everything on tape she said i don`t trust her why did i set up the cam ? i have told her to leave she says shes sorry it wont happen again ect ect the usual ****. this is the third time i have caught her cheating. the first on tape but the third time , so i have told her three strikes your out do any of you reading this think im wrong.
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9 Responses Mar 15, 2011

I think she struck out on the first miss

This proves the saying Once A Cheater Always A Cheater

I think you liked watching the tape....

get rid of that *****, kick her to the curb. if you stay married to her youre only gonna get more cheating in your life!

the little sl*t. no offence mate but u deserve better

Three strikes YOUR OUT OUT OUT your outed here

she's lucky she's not in the hospital and there's only one place at the hospital that'll be any use for him... good on ya mate

she has been sexing the dude all the while. they just wanted to humiliate you by telling you little things at first, an then belittle you in your own house. she has no respect for you man.

Nah you aint wrong,been to nice giving her 3 chances