My Wife ***** Her Boss Again

After I caught my wife cheating with her boss the first time I never let on like I knew it. I didn't want them to stop, I was ok with it. Some may take me as a fool for allowing this. But I love my beautiful sexy wife. She is a dream come true in bed. I'm not to let her focking the boss mess up the best thing in my world.
I started to ask Di to ask her boss to join us when we went to the river. I would also tell Di to take a ride with him in his boat while I did things around camp. I knew they was going to **** when they left in his boat.
I set up a camera where I could check on my computer what was going on my our bedroom when I was out of town working. My wife always left he computer on so I installed a camera that watched over her bed. Any time I wanted to I could get on my computer at work and see what's going on in her bed.
As I have said before my wife is a nympho. I caught her with vibrators, fingering herself. And yes her boss was ******* her regular. With the camera I could tell more of his size. The guy was hung and Di seemed to not have any trouble taking it. This alone told me he was ******* her regular. He never used a condom. They both was married so I feel he was safe. Did I say her boss is younger than her. Di was 42 at the time her boss was 33 and married to a very beautiful 25 year old. With Di it was more than looks. In bed Di would give 200%, was willing to try anything safe, loved the sex act, very vocal, moves like a mad woman during sex, loves for a man to *** in her, knows how to deep throat, will **** anywhere, likes to be watched, loves to be seen without cloths, and is a beautiful sexy woman to boot. Her boss had never been with anything like her. I can understand his feelings. I will never forget the first time we ******. It was a dream come true. I never knew sex could be so good.
Her boss was hooked on her. He couldn't get enough and at 33 he could go more than once with Di. Di never gets enough so they was a good match. I always wondered just how many times Di could go.
I knew Di was having sex with other women so it wasn't a surprise to have her on camera with them. I even helped her get a few of her girlfriends. I can't say I didn't want to join her with them but at this point I never had.
I learned alot about my wife with that camera. I found out she was having sex with 5 women, 2 of their husbands, and her boss. That's when I fould out I enjoyed watching my wife ****. It was like a ***** staring my wife.
The camera is still on our computer. I never told her about it. I no longer work out of state. But from time to time I still have fun with the spy cam and my wife. I now share her. There is enough ***** there for all. My wife is going to kill me when she reads this. She never knew about the spy cam.

By: Me

Age: 31-35 , Woman
dihusband dihusband
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Were you able to record or just watch live?

Watched live. She really knows how to please a and. She gives the best oral and can control her ***** to tighten around a man's **** and is very oral. Also loves to be watched so she will **** anywhere. Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect