I Caught My Wife Cheating With Her Boss

Me and my wife Di was on a weekend camping trip to a sandbar on the river. It was in early fall. The days was warm and the nights cool, just right for camping. I started to set up the camp. After I set up the tent I found out we didn't bring our sleeping bags. I asked Di where she put our sleeping bags. In the back of the truck she said. Well I'm sure we got everything out of the truck I added so it looks like I'm going to have to go home and get them. If I can't find them I will bring back blankets to sleep on. You can be setting up the camp while I'm gone.
Di took me back to the truck then went back to camp. The place we was camping was close the the ramp we put in at but it was on the other side of the river. When I got to the truck I looked in back, no sleeping bags. For some reason I looked in the back of the cab, there they was. How did they get there? I know Di had them at one time. Is she losing it? She didn't remember putting them there?
I wasn't expected back for over 2 hours. She had the partybarge at camp and wasn't going to pick me up until 2:30 PM. I had 2 1/2 hours to kill. I walked down to the store at the park and got a 12 pack of beer and went back to the truck and poped the top on one. I drank it down fast. I was in hops of catching a ride with someone at the ramp. It was in late Sept. and most people was dove hunting are busy with school stuff. Around here boating was over for the year. That was the reason we enjoy camping in Sept. We have the whole river to ourself. I drank another beer and waited. After that second beer I got a really dumb idea. I would swim to the other side of the river and walk back to the camp.
I was thinking I'm up stream so the river would be pushing me closer to the sandbar we was on and it's only 100 yards wide. The beer was talking. It took me 25 mins. to reach the other side of the river. I had trouble finding a spot to get out on the bank but after about 10 mins. I was on the bank and walking back to camp. The walking near the river was really hard. I fould that about 100 feet from the river the trees opened up which made for easy walking.
It was now almost 1PM when I reached the back side of the sandbar. I wasn't expected back until 2:30. There was underbrush I had to go through to get to where it opened up. When I got to the edge I noticed a big red skiboat pulled up next to our pontoon boat. Then I noticed Di and another man in the water between the boats.
Di got out of the water and got on our boat to get beer. Then she did something really strange. She removed her swimsuit then joined the guy in the water. At this point I move back into the brush making sure not to be seen. The other boat looked like Di's bosses boat but I couldn't tell for sure who the guy was from where I was.
The two drank their beer and I could tell there was some fingering and stroking going on under the water. They was in the shade between the boats and couldn't be seen from the river but from where I was I could see the whole thing. They put their unfinished beers on our boat.
Di then got in front of him, reached between his legs then her head went back. His **** must have entered her. He picked her up and she wraped her legs around him. She had her arms around his neck and they started their love dance. Him moving in a slow hunching motion.
He was having trouble with his footing so he walks with her impaled on his **** to the bank where he places her on her back in the sand. They are now in the light where I can tell it's Di's boss. He's now standing over his huge **** standing straight out. Di sits up and puts what she can of his **** in her mouth. The sight of her going down on his monster **** is starting to turn me on. The guy was hung like a stud horse. How the hell could Di take that monster. Di is 5'1" tall 110# the guy's **** is 15% of her height. It's every bit of 9".
Di is sucking what little bit of his **** she can get in her mouth and cupping his balls with her hands. I can tell she's driving him wild. He pushes her back to the ground and is on him knees between her legs. She reaches down takes his **** in her handd and places it between her legs. He move forward slowly his **** slips between her legs with ease. By now I have taken a chance and moved to a closer place to watch. The sight of his long thick **** impaling Di has me really turned on.
They are now moving together in a practiced love dance. This is far from there first time. They are now in the sun light. I'm watching from about 60 feet away. I was close enough now to see the light reflect off his wet **** as he pulled it out for another plunge into Di's depths.
I can tell Di is on her way to a climax. She getting vocal telling him yesss damn you **** me give it to me. I want to feel you shoot off in me. Yessss giveee it to me let me have it. I'm ******* Oh yess then she let out a low moan as he pushes deep into her and starts to jerk and shutter. Oh yess I feel you. Her body shakes each time he strokes his **** in and out with each stream of *** he deposits into her willing *****.
By now I'm shaking with excitement. The Ideas of Di being able to take such a monster **** and the guy filling her with his *** for some reason had turned me on.
As they turned their backs to me I moved deeper into the underbrush. I waited until my hard **** went down then found my way to the far in of the sandbar. They was in the water between the boats cleaning up. Then got on the pontoon boat and replaced their cloths. I waited another 15 mins. It was amost time for Di to pick me up. As I was waiting I did some thinking. This whole thing was planned. He was to meet her after I left. She called him on her company cel phone to tell him when it was safe. I could tell by the way they moved together that this wasn't their first ****.
I moved out into the opening and walked down to where they was. They hadn't noticed me. Di turned and was shocked when she saw me. She asked where did you come from? How long have you been here? How did you get here? I told her I gut got here. I caught a ride. I found the sleeping bags behind the seat in the truck. I didn't bring them but will get them later.
You look a little red faced I told Di you better take it easy on the sun. I turned to Larry Di's boss and told him it's nice you could join us. We going to have burgers later you are welmoce to join us. What's ours is yours as long as you are here. It was nice of you to keep Di company while I was gone.
We need to finish setting up the camp but there is lots of time for that, it can wait. Lets all have a beer I sure can use one I told them. The beers on me anything else falls under Di department.
Di had on a small two piece white suit. It was for sunning and when it gets wet you can almost see throught it. I whispered to Di you better put on your cover up before you put on a show. We wouldn't want to get your boss turned on. Then I added hell he's been here this long what the heck if he ain't seen it by now he ain't going to. She then put on her cover up.
About 5Pm I told them I'm going to get the sleeping bags and going to town for beer for tonight. I should be gone an hour are so. I turned to Larry and told him take good care of our girl while I'm gone. I didn't tell them I already had the beer and would only be gone 15 mins.
I picked up the sleeping bags and beer at the truck and picked up some ice at the store in the park then headed back. When I rounded the bend in the river I couls see them standing in his boat. Di was taking off her cover up and top. I cut the motor to see what they was up to. They went out of sight in his boat. I'm thinking he's one horney SOB. I turned and went up stream and drifted and drank beer. When I drifted across from the sandbar I started the motor and headed into the bank. They was still out of sight in Larry's boat it's a tall boat so I couldn't see over in it. Larry's head pops up. Then it went out of sight. Then Di's head poped up. On the way in I had noticed the camp was all set up which took every bit of 15 mins. I was half way across the river when they got out the front of his boat.Everthing was in place.
When I pulled in next to them I asked was you about to go for a ride? Go ahead if you wish. I will start the fire for the burgers. Di said Oh yea we was about to take a ride and check on you. That was nice of you. I see the camps ready. I'm sorry I haven't been a good hoast. I hope I haven't put you out taking care of Di most of the day. I've enjoyed it he told me.
Di cooked the burgers while me and Larry gathered fire wood for a campfire. We ate burgers and Larry said he better got going. I walked him to his boat. I told him next time he needed to bring his lovely wife. I know it must be rough looking at a body like Di's all day and not have a way to relieve the pressure. He looks at Di then tells me she sure is a lovely thing you are a lucky man. I didn't need you to tell me that I got eyes. She any mans dream come true in more ways than one. I pushed him off.
I went to Di and kissed her. It was nice of your boss to take the time to take care of you while I was gone. He seems to be a nice person. He even did my job around the camp. I think he was in a hurry to get home to his wife looking at your hot little body in that skimpy outfit had him horney as hell. I believe you knew what you was doing with him.Like what she asked. You know damn well what I'm talking about. Really she said. You know damn well what you look like in that outfit. It's almost see through it kind of shows a faint outline of what you have. I'm sure when he left here his balls was about to burst. Well maybe you are right she said.I will try to do better next time she said. I'm sure you will. Do you have a **** left in you I asked. Maybe one are two she teased.
To this day she never knew I caught her ******* her boss. But after this story she will know.
I wanted to add I read all her stories in here. Like I said in this story I had a feeling after I caught her for that first time that her and he boss had has something going for awhile. Everyone may find it strange that I wasn't mad when I caught her ******* her boss. First thing Di is a very lovely woman. I get sex any time I want it and she is always really into it, she don't just lay there. She's my second wife. My first didn't enjoy sex. I married Di because she couldn't get enough. I never thought of her as a nympho but maybe she is and I love it and love her for. being one. She wasn't a virgin when we married. Hell she was cheating with me with her first husband. One more big **** sure wasn't going to hurt her. She's the best thing that ever happened to me and I damn sure wasn't going give her up over some fun. After that day I started looking at sex different. Watching him ******* her truned me on for some odd reason. I couldn't understand it but it was true.

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You should tell her you liked watching.

your a strange man give away what's yours and like it,well one day it won't be yours anymore.

You played it off well. Did they ever do anything at work?