My Wife And Friend On The Couch

I'm sorry that this story is long and written poorly. This is my first story and i just wanted to share this experience with all of you. My wife is a very sexual creature who is always willing to try new things. A few of my friends stopped by one night and wanted to drink, but due to the fact that i had to work the next day i wasn't able to drink very much. My wife of coarse had a few drinks but not enough to get her drunk. One friend in particular (who i'll call Tony) that she has always thought was cute she flirted with a little over the coarse of the night but i was no big deal since she flirts with everyone, witch i've always thought was funny. Now my wife is not drop dead georgus, but she is still a very good looking woman who does get alot of attention. After my friends left i took a shower and went to bed while my wife wanted to stay up a little while longer because she didn't have to work the next day. About an hour after i went to bed i thought i heard a knock on the front door but was half asleep so i didn't think much of it. When i woke up a little more i thought i heard voices and finally figured out it was my friend Tony. So I got out of bed to see what he was doing back. When i stuck my head around the corner to ask i got one hell of a shock. There was my friend sitting on the couch with his pants down and my wife sucking his **** like there was no tomorrow. I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew she thought he was cute but i never thought anything would happen. The only thing that i could do was go back to bed because i knew that if i went out there I would likely kill the both of them. About five minutes later i heard him leave, so i know that they didn't do anything else. When she came to bed i pretended to be asleep. The next day after i got home i asked her if someone had come back last night and she told me that Tony had forgotten his cell phone.
I never said anything about what i saw because i realized that what i did see was a very big turn on. I will keep this to myself but very soon i will try to talk her into a ********* with him, and then with a friend of hers. I have since talked to him about that night and he admitted everything. He really is a good friend. When he came back to get his phone he new i was in bed so tried to be quiet when he came in. He made a joke to my wife about her being a lush and drinking alot that night. When she told him that she wasn't drunk at all he said you would have to take one of those tests you have to blow into to prove it. You mean a Breathalyzer test she said, well we don't have one so to bad. From what he told me he then dropped his pants and said here's one you can blow into. She thought it was a joke but when he told her that i would never find out she did blow it. When they got done she told him that it was a mistake and that she would never do that again unless i told her that she could, but since i would never find out there wasn't much chance of that happening. He agreed and left. So now its up to me to get the ball rolling on a *********. I'm pretty sure she will go for it because she has always wanted to try one. wish me luck.
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So how did the bar-b-q go, did you have a nice time?

Just to update You, I have been hinting at a ********* with The wife for a couple of months now. She mentioned that she would like for my friend to come over this weekend for a bar-b-q. She didn't mention anyone else. We'll see what happens.<br />
P.S<br />
She still hasnt said anything about that night.