Caught With Another Woman

About 2 years ago ac ouple my wife and I knew divorced. Jim moved away and Mindy was at our house most every night. Which was not a problem since my wife and I both really like her being around.Mindy did go out on dates but nothing serious.
She did state that she has not gotten any sex in over 10 months, which we would tease her and even bought her a big vibrator and sex oil. She tolds us after about 2 monthe that she tried it and it was mind blowing, but having a man take her is what she was wanting.
One day i came home from work and heard them in the living room laughing and when I went in they were sitting next to each other and from my wife nipples horny. They said they were talking dirty and had excited both of them.
About a week later When i came home early from work I heard moaning from the living room there I saw mu wife spead out on the couch naked and Mindy was between her legs licking her ***** and my wife was soaring over the edge and exploded into Mindy's mouth. My wife sqiurts when she comes and I mean a lot of jiuce.
Mindy raise up and I could see the juices dripping off her face, then to my suprise my wife went down on Mindy what a sight seeing my wife eat ***** she went at it like she has done it for years.
I have cought them several more times and wish I could join in. Eating puss women stile
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And you don't think they are doing it when they know they will get caught. AAAHHH a little slow !!! They want U to watch (turns them on), And they want U 2 join them after watching, DA...

That's left up to you to decide, no one else?

That's left up to you, nobody else?

sounds like there's an empty ***** not having any attention paid to it. ;)

I visited a friend out of state once, I had known her from high school but we never played around. The second night I was there her husband went out and left us alone so we got some wine and hung out in the hot tub and started talking. One thing led to another and we wound up on the couch going at each other like we where old lovers. She told me she had never been with a woman before and loved the feel of my soft lips and body. We both passed out and woke up to see her husband standing over us.<br />
He looked angry and threatened to tell all her friends and divorce her.<br />
After talking him down they went to bed and a little while later she came in and grabbed my hand, not saying anything, and led me to the bedroom.<br />
He was there naked on the bed. I just got between his knees and started to work on his beautiful rock hard manhood. He finished almost immediatly so I gave him a break and started on her again. This went on for the rest of the visit and it was the most fun I have ever had with a couple.

I wasn't sure what he got all angry about but it sounds like you both found a way to calm him down!