Caught Nude At Camp

Today I was at a sleep away camp I wake up at 5am I saw that every one was asleep. So I went to the showers I went too the showers nude and nothing too cover up with. I knew there was a shower outside and in side. So I use the shower out side I was good in till I hear some people I finsih my shower. I tryed tuning too my tent so girls were on the path so I hide behind a tree so that no one can see me. Then I ran again too my tend there were so people at my camp site so I ran too my tent alot of people saw me butt nakey I cover my self with my hands the best I can they saw me it was so embasseing.
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7 Responses Jul 15, 2011

it sounds so awesome.. i m so proud of you u have done it.. love

hi lets chat

I did similar once on a youth group retreat walked naked in the woods to the bathrooms and was caught by one of the girls from the other cabin who was afraid to walk all the way in the dark to the bathroom so she was peeing in the woods. So being both solidly embarrassed we agreed to never speak of it. She did tell me the girl I did have a crush on did come out earlier around 3am to walk in the rain naked and that I should have came by earlier. I tried again the next night to no luck but it was still pretty amazing feeling. I really love it when I can be naked and others aren't bothered by it.

Enjoyed all your storys.

Cute story. I hope ou were not too embarrassed.

Add me, please? I can't add you.

it seems you like being caught , so no need to cover up or feeling ashamed :)