My Ex

I had a very agressive ex-boyfriend. I have written some stories about him before. He really enjoyed fire, he was 14 & got some thrill out of it. He liked to use his body spray as a flame thrower. He'd light a lighter & push down on the aerosol can & a huge flame would shoot out. One day when we were hanging out, he was doing this & I was really not into it. It worried me, I had heard stories of kids doing this & having the can explode or catching themselves on fire. I tried to stay away from him when he was doing this. But, with him.. you had to like & do whatever he was into at that time, or else I would regret it.

So, I sat outside on the porch with him while he played around with this fire. Well, he took the can & sprayed my arm with it & laughed about how I was going to smell like a guy now. I just shrugged it off & turned away & kept looking down the road, when all of a sudden he lit the "flame thrower" & the fire hit my arm & my whole arm caught fire. I screamed & patted it out. It didn't take long, it didn't go up in flames but it brunt the hair on my arm & really hurt... he didn't care too much. He found it to be hilarious. Wasn't he sweet?
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

No, I didn't thank-fully. I just ran it under cold water & iced it to make the burning stop. It didn't blister.

I definitely did.. well, he actually broke up with me. We dated for 10 months, I was an idiot. lol