The Day Daddy Caught Me

it was saturday and I wa s12 y/o old.  woke up and for some reson left m sister's panties on that I had slept in. pulled my jeans on and a tee shirt and went down for breakfast.  was ready yet so laid down on floor to watch tv.  Apparently my tee shirt rode up expoxing the waist band on the panty.  My dad saw it and asked wha tI had on.  Irepied "Nothings" andthe shoved his hand into the back of my jeans and said "What are these?"  He was feeling the ruffles on the white nylon briefs .  Told me to stand in the middle of the room and calle dmy sister and mom in.  When they were seated he tod them that I had something to show them.  I was crying and asking him not to makr me but he told me to take my clothes off untilI I was standing there in just the panites.  Told me I had t stay in and wear just the panties all day.  He did allow me to wear a pair of anklets.  I had to do the dishes after each meal and make the beds.  in a way I was their maid for the day.  After that I knew I loved to wear panties and would never give them up. 
marybeth69 marybeth69
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

oh have to start somewhere. Looking back on it now, did you enjoy being caught?