Oh No I Think My Dad Saw My Panties!

growing up my dad had a lot of girlfriends. Sherri was probably my favorite she used to take me to do fun things and she beautiful! i had stolen a pair of her panties one day. pink and lacey and super sexy! everything my seven year old body wanted to feel touching its most sensitive regions. i started just wearing them when i would go to bed under my pj's but soon got more brave and started to wear them under my boy clothes when i would be playing outside or riding around with Sherri. well one day i had to go to work with my dad. and as usual im wearing! my dad was a big rig mechanic so we were rolling around on dirty floors all day long and since my dad had a shower at his shop we could get cleaned up there before we went home. now in my mind early in the day i had not planned on needing to take my boy clothes off any where than my room where i knew i could keep my secret safe. so yeah i got a little scared when my dad told me to get in the shower and he would after i was done. ****! i thought as i hesitantly walked to the shower room. as i started to take my clothes off i noticed that my panties were sticking out of my boy clothes under my shirt. i panicked quickly removing my pants and panties all at the same time and wadding my pants in to a ball to hide them. when i got out of the shower my pants had been picked up and laid across a chair.
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2 Responses Sep 29, 2011

Same here. Did your dad ever say anything later?

Hmmm..Interesting. Did he discover them or not. Maybe the were down the leg unnoticed.

Then again. He may have his own collection.