Wearing My Brothers Girlfriends Panties

One day me and my brother went to his hot girlfriends house. We watched tv until they started kissing so they told me to go to her room because there was a tv in there. On top of the tv was her workout clothes(panties, bras, sweat pants and a jacket) the panties had sweat all over them. I had to wear them so I did and started ******* off on her bed. Soon them came in the room they were disgusted. She said that's my underware you ***. I'm tellin your parents. Well she did my brother decided to make me there slave. I had to watch chick flicks with her in full drag. Go to school in panties. Once we went to the fair( I was in full drag ) she had and upset stomach and she had to go to they bathroom but didn't have enough time so she to a dump in her panties. She made us switch panties and I had to lick her *** clean. It was nasty and kinda hot. I they cummed in the panties well I had to ware those all night long well at least till curfew. Also on halloweens they made me dress in drag. Eventually they broke up and it all ended well until the next time.
Frsfg Frsfg 13-15, M Dec 13, 2011

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