Caught By Mom

I was about 14 when my mom caught me. It was summer and I usually got up after my mom left for work. Most nights I slept in a pair of her panties and a t-shirt over one of her bras. I got up, and took my shirt off and walked to the bathroom in just her bra and panties. As I was walking back, I heard her say are you having fun? I had no idea she had the day off. I completely froze and was so scared, I didn't even want to turn around and look at her.

She told me to go to the living room, so I walked right there and sat on the couch. She said so this is where my underwear disappears too. It was just me and her, my dad left when I was younger. She said she knew I was getting into her panty drawer for a while now, but didn't know what I was doing with them. She said she would look for a pair and not find them, then a few days later they were back in her drawer. I was real scared now, she hadn't yelled at me, but I just didn't want her to know, especially to catch me wearing her panties, and most of hers were satin string bikinis, and she was rather thin, so was I but when I got hard I popped out the top of her panties, and that happened to happen while she was talking to me.

I really wanted to get changes, this was the first time since I started wearing panties, I wished I hadn't had them on. She said she had to leave now and we would talk later. She had a doctors appointment, that's the whole reason she was at home. She told me to I better be changed by the time she got home. A while later she came home, told me to come back to the living room. When I got there, she handed me a bag and it had some panties and a couple bras in it. She told me she got a bigger size, because she noticed her panties didn't exactly fit me. We talked some more and she asked me a lot of questions and stuff. I felt much more comfortable now and my mom was real cool about the whole thing.
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i got caught a year or two after i started wearing everything of my moms, i was 15 thought i had the house to myself, but didnt, my mom was going to her room as i was getting ready to walk out her room, dressed in a black and blue, satin n lace matching bra n panties, garter belt, lace top stockings,a black leather skirt, black top and her black thigh hi boots with a 3 inch heal, and make up, she just looked at me and said i was wondering how long it would be before you told me or got caught? from then on what was hers was ours! until i got older and we got my own outgrowing hers

Just one thing with all you GUrls wearing all those fem cloting I can't understand why we don't see all of those types of clothing in the GUrls dept. in the stores and you GUrls just running in them around the world.
(exclude me from this comment) Most of us women don't wear skirts, dresses, etc... and even panties any more some of us women have started to wear boxer shorts and there certain web site that women are proud of not wearing bras.

My final question is where do we get t see you new feMALES all skirted-up

Your mom is a super mom giving you some panties of your own, all mom should put there gurl in panties.

Super article Sis, thank you for sharing. My Mom's response was very similar, she bought me fem clothes and w/o saying anything she put them in my room.

Yes I am lucky, from talking to others most of their moms weren't as understanding as mine. she knows I still wear them, and fully dress now. Talking to her as I was older, she was so supportive because she figured it was just a phase, and would out grow it. Well I guess she was wrong.

A life long phase that is.

You don'T out grow good things like fem clothes, me as women I think I was lucky to be born female to be able to wear all those things with out the social hassles that you GUrl go through to be able to wear those nice clothes

so lucky to have such a loving and understanding mom