Sarah Was Caught In The Rain

I hate traditional men's underwear, so dull and heavy. I love to wear satin and silk, lace with bows, bright colors. With great care I love to let the waist band show. I wear a short t-shirt and low cut jeans. In line somewhere I bend down to tie my shoes or open my brief case and let just an inch of red satin waist band show. I love people thinking they caught an accidental glimpse of something naughty but fun.

Today started out as a normal hot California day. I wore black lace panties under white sports shorts. You can see them in “I Want To Know What Underwear Your Wearing Today” => “Sarah Chose a See Through Black Panties today” and in my profile picture. I love being able to feel the lace through the thin material. I can slide my hand into my pocket and feel my **** in lace.

Well today was especially exciting. We had the first spots of rain in months. Just a light sprinkling but with a little "help" (well, Sarah is a naughty exhibitionist after all) my shorts got just wet enough to show black panties underneath. It was not blatant but just enough to be fun walking around. Of course I had to pretend to be totally ignorant that anything was showing.

I hope we get a few more unexpected rainy days before the autumn starts.
SarahCD707 SarahCD707
51-55, M
Sep 5, 2012