Bringing In Newspaper

Early this morning, I opened my front door to pick up my newspaper. Ususally it is within 1-2 feet of the door which is recessed about 4-5 feet. But this morning it was not there. I was wearing a pair of red Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria high leg briefs and nothing else. So I walked outside the recess to see if it was around the corner on the porch. About that time one of my neighbors walked down the sidewalk, which is only 15 feet away from my porch. I immediately turned and walked back into the house and if she saw anything, it would have only been a back view. From that distance, they could have passed as men's briefs (I hope). Just glad I had those on instead of some of my more feminine ones.
monica8484 monica8484
70+, M
1 Response Sep 17, 2012

Wonderful your female neighbour now knows you are a pantie man.