Caught In Gym Class

I got caught in high school, by my friend. We were in the gym and he was sitting in the row behind me( now that i think about everyone behind me must of seen my panties)he scooted up and said your wearing a g string! i said no im not. He then said I can see it sticking out of your sweats and a lot of its showing. I quickly pull up the my sweats and I didn't say anything. I remember that g-string it was one of my favorites, it was yellow and pink with a rose print. It made so horny because he saw my panties, and I was somewhat happy someone knew I wore panties.
secretgaypantyboy714 secretgaypantyboy714
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1 Response Jan 9, 2013

I have always wanted to get caught and had to suck his **** or let him screw me.....