6 Months

so if you read my other 2 stories ,you know I was caught by my mom im her panties and she took me shopping. well the minute we got home she took the bag and laid everything out n the bed and told me to put them on for her.as I was doing that she was threw out my boys under wear. she told me that I looked cute in every thing and then gave me a pink teddy to wear to bed. for the next six months she would get me out what to wear to school, the good thing was if I had gym she did not make me wear a bra to school. right around, im going to say 6 months , she pulled the pillow out that separated us and put on one set of sheets on the bed that nite. she got out the matching babydolls we had. in the morning I woke up to my moms arm under my head staring at her bare breast, her hand rubbing on my panties and my hand sitting on her panties. I started to suck on her nipple, that is when she slid her hand down on the inside of my panties. I started to rub her ***** I could feel how wet she was threw her panties. after a couple of minutes I came in my panties. she stopped touching me and told me a good girl does not *** in her panties. she had me get out of bed and stand there. she got up got out my red bikini panties and put them on. then she climbed back in bed , got out her viberator and came in my panties. she told me to go get a shower when I got out she told me to put on my red bikini panties and get hers out for her to wear. the rest of the day she wore just her red bikini panties and I wore the red ones she came in. we walked around in just lingerie in the house after that . it was 2 weeks after that I ****** her for the first time.
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