Caught Wearing Panties and Bras

When I was 15, I always play with girls. I saw, they felt very nice in their panties and bras. Then, I wanted try to wear them. One thing that I needed to wear was my sister bras and panties. My sister was 16, so her body was as big as me. When she put her panties and bras on the bed in her bedroom, I tried to stole them. After that, I wore them in my room when I was sleeping. Suddenly, my sister came into my room and saw me wearing them. Then, she woke me up and asked if I liked them. Without thinking, I said yes, i like them. If so, let me take you to go shopping to buy bras and lingeries for yourself. "You didn'n need to steal mine." she said. I like boy like you who like wearing girl's items such as bras, panties, lingeries, and nightie. Since then, I always dress as girl do everyday, because it is my consequence.

luccy luccy
2 Responses Dec 29, 2008

Wow what a cool sister.

Wonderful sister you have Lucy.