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In 1967,when I was 12, my brother than 19 got Married, so He thought that it and College would keep him out of the DRAFT. BUT partying & low grades got him out of college and into Uncle SAMs job training program... His 19 Y.O., wife was in PRE-Med and lived with Dad & me. NOT haveing a mother or sister, I was fascinated by her clothes. Being home from School for the summer,got me House Keeping chores, since dad worked as a Engineer for the Tail Road and KT (kathy) had school and a Nurse job at the hosptial. She was NOT shy around me and showed me how to hand wash her NYLONS & her LINGERE in the GENTLE cycle. I even IRONED for her and cleaned her room & made her bed. So by time she came home, it was Heat her meal, study and OFF to bed ... When DAD was going be in town, shed volunteer to work EXTRA... Well DAD was "suppose" to be OFF for 3 days... So she took Xtra hours, NOT concerned that I'd be home alone... BUT Dad got called to work. I was on cloud #9. I had been slipping on KTS panties, but always takeing them OFF, scared to be caught. I was going have 12 hours alone. I wanted to do the whole thing. I used her Bubble Bath & Shampoo. I put on a Garter Belt and White Nylons. A34B bra was a little big. But adjust the shoulder straps and a xtra Nylon in each ccup. Then my fauvrite, Pale BLUE Nylon Panty Bries.. Well, I was showing my Manhood from the rest of the clothes , so they were NOT baggy. A full white slip and a button up the front Nurse Uniform dress. 2 minutes was all it took and I had LOST it inside her panties. I felt LOW. Swore NEVER again as I cleaned up. Hand wash the Panties, still dressed. The slip & Nylons had my 12 Y.O. manhood, ready for active duty,by time the panties were hanging. I went to her room and got another pair. This tie I laid on her bed and rolled arond, humpng things. Again I CLIMAXED. BUT instead of GULIT, I felt PLEASED... Realizing I had over 7 hours, I again cleaned and put on fresh panties. This time I lay on her bed, planing to take a short nap. I magine my suprise when I realized, KT was talking too me. "She said," I said lets get you undressed and into this Nite Gown..." and gestured to the White Baby Doll I had planed on wearing. I started to cry & babble... "NOW, now... HUSH....", KT said softly,as she undress me. Soon I was only wearing the Garter Belt & Nylons. "Well we need to get you some things of your own soon."she said as she slipped the panties up my legs. I lifted my BUTT,without Being asked,and lifted my arms when she picked up the gown, lowering it onto me... Smileing, she said, "There, thats better for sleeping... Now to touch up your hair..." Which was in the "BEETLES"style. She brushed my hair and added Lipstick. AS she explained she use too dress the neighbour boy, when she was in High School and babby sat him. With a spray of her perfume, she had me stand in front of the mirror to see how I looked. I turn to tell her I liked it and saw she was undressing. "I bette go" I mumbled. "WHY???" ITS just us 2 girls and we can have a slumbber party." KT said. she fully undress and walked NUDE into the bathroom."I am going to shower real quick. You pick out a NITTEY for me to wear" she said. I was SCARED NOT to do as I was told and picked out a pink Summer weight PJs with Shorts and a sleevless top. "o',NO U don't girl..." she said seeing what I had picked out for her. She got out a Black Nylon Baby Doll almost Identical to mine. I LOVED it, but was afraid to wear it myself. She sat on the bed and handed me her hair brush. I had the pleasurer of brushing her hair many times before. AS I brushed, she talked away as if we were  2 girls haveing a Sleepover... Finaly we ate pie & Ice Cream. Brushed our teeth... "well, bed time Pebbles." She knew my nickname in school was "FLINTSTONE" and that when someone called me FRED, I'd tell them FRED was my Dad. So now she christen mr "Pebbles". I start to turn toward my room. "O' NO... This is a girls Sleep  Over. My room." and 1/2 lead & 1/2 drag me to her room. Slap me genly on the BUTT and said get into bed,,,as she turn on the fan. SHE crawled in net too me and KISS me.... I tasted tothpaste and lipstick... Then we kept on kissing and soon she said,,, I am so glad UR here to keep me company and help with the chores... WE can bhelp each other... I get so lonely and even scared at times ... A 1/2 hour later I was suckling on her breast,asleep, my panties full of wet, sticky & cold *** ... She had laughed as she had CUMED too HUMPING my thigh... "Well, I guess you have some panties to hand wash tomrrow." and tried to suck my heart out through my mouth ...  Did You enjoy it??? Want to read more about "Pebbles  & KT", well U need to say so ...

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I want to hear more

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Yes,yes,yes please tell us more that's a wonderful story!!

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yes more please

yes more please

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Yes! You need to continue this story...

isnt it wonderful have an older family person introduce you to sex....great great story

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wow what a dream come true... thanks for the story. ;-)

wow what a dream come true... thanks for the story. ;-)

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Wow. That must have been an incredibly confusing time for you.

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Oh yes , you need to continue this story !