Caught By the Next Door Neighbor

Quite often i would wear a pair of my wifes panties around the house. on this occasion i was wearing a pair white pair of stretchy control panties which had lace around the panel in the front. it was a nice sunny morning and i was sat in the conservatory reading a local news paper.

There was a knock on the conservatory door i looked up startled, to see my next door neighbor looking down at me. It was to late to hide, she had already got a good look at me in my panties. So i plucked up the courage to open the door and say good morning Sue, what can i do for you? She was sort of half smiling and explained that her garden mower had broken and could she borrow ours. I said yes, no problem i will just go and throw some clothes on. She said, dont get dressed on my account i'm not embaressed if your not. Besides they look quite nice on you, i have a pair exactly the same. I could feel myself starting to swell under my panties. I'm sure she noticed but did not say anything. I quickly made my way to the garden shed and pulled out the mower. By the time she had left i was fully hard and just had to ********** as soon as i was back in the house.

A few days later she and my wife where talking and she mentioned she had caught me in her panties and that she thought they looked good on me. My wife told her i wear them quite often and even have some of my own.

Now when i see her she often asks what panties am i wearing and makes a joke of it.


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Awesome!!! Sounds fun too!

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing,

Yes I agree. The next time she asks what kind you are wearing - Tell her, then ask if she has any that you might like !

great story! add me!

great story write more

lov it its great getting caught and it can turn into great fun too write more please

love ur story

Very nice! I'm sure she'll be wanting another viewing some day...

that is nice good she caught you in your panties if oyu did not dare to show yourself off good she walk in like that<br />
my neighbor an her teen daughter seen me alot oon my deck in my panties most my panties are biknis or thongs some boy shorts lace slk all the nice fabric

I had a close one last week. I had just took my shower and it was still early , about 6 in the evening. i decided to wear a blouse and skirt the rest of the evening. I sat at the kitchen table and read a book and the wife said she was going out to sit on the deck a while. i locked the door behind her as usual just in case. about 15 minutes later i heard a tiny rap on the door and I figured the wife wanted back in. i didnt look where she had been sitting tho to see if she was still there. Anyway it was a lady from the POA who stopped by to get me to sign a check and she didnt see my wife on the deck and had knocked. I opened the door about 6 inches before i realized it wasnt my wife. I closed it to about one inch real quick and said i had just got out of the shower and I would be right back. Talk about a quick change artist !! Iwhipped off the blouse and skirt and whipped on a pair of shorts and tee shirt and came back and signed the check. To this day I dont know if she saw me dressed that way or not. I sure as hell aint going to ask her tho and yet it is kind of exciting to think about. She is a super lady tho and I dont think she would tell anyway. I sure learned a lesson about opening doors without thinking.

My **** is hard just thinking about it!!!

Col. Mustard does Mrs. Peacock in the Conservatory. :) <br />
<br />

glad you keep neibour happy good for you

You are lucky to have a neighbor that understands you

How nice ... maybe your neighbor wants you to wear her panties too!

You are lucky to have an understanding wife and neighbor.