Wearing Moms Panties

When I was younger I walked into the living room mom was in the room..my shorts slid down some and mom saw the top of my panites (her panties) I was wearing.  She smiled and ask me if they felt good..I was kinda embarrised..but I started to get hard...I loved loved wearing her panties

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6 Responses Nov 9, 2009

It's great when the dominant female in your life approves of you wearing fem undies. Lucky you.

How I do understand

Your not giving much away, what else happened?

She asked me to try on a pair...pink and that was started things although I tried to hold back the impulse to try on panties.

she told me she knew I loved to wear them sometimes she would leave them on the bathroom floor crotch exposed..and a few times on my pillow...

What happened then?

wow you had the best mom ever