Caught With Pantyhose And Panties

This is Christy, a crossdresser that dresses most of the time as a woman. I started crossdressing when I was very young and really started acquiring a wardrobe when I was in college. I had girls I would go out with that I would swipe some panties and other lingerie from when they were in the bathroom or if they went and did something that would take a few minutes. I also would order thru catalog sales so that I could make it look like I was picking up things for my girlfriend or mother. I became friends with a couple of girls that were in a class of mine. One was Brenda and the other was Keisha, both Black and very nice. We would have lunch together and get together in the evenings. On one particular day, I invited them to come over in the evening for a drink or two and watch tv.

They accepted and we went our ways. When the time came, they knocked on the door. Opening the door I invited them in. We sat around having a few drinks and just talking about various things. Brenda excused herself to go to the bathroom. Keisha and I were talking when Brenda came out of the bathroom carrying some panties and bras. "Very interesting Chris, are these yours?" she asked. "Look at the pretty panties Keisha" Brenda said smiling. Keisha looked over at me and smiled. "I was wondering where that pair of my panties went!" I sat on the couch embarassed and blushing! "Well Chris, are these yours or not?" Brenda demanded. I had totally forgotten that I had left the bra and panties on the counter.

Meekly I said that I did enjoy wearing womens silky panties and pantyhose. Brenda and Keisha continued to have their drinks. They asked me questions about my feelings when I dressed in womens lingerie and as I drank more, I told them I get extremely excited when I dress in silky lingerie and have awesome *******! They laughed. They asked if I had a wardrobe yet and I told them that I mainly bras, panties, pantyhose, and a few slips. They had another drink and we changed the topic to other things. A little while later, they left giving me a hug on their way out. Closing the door, I took a deep breath of relief. The girls were very cool about the situation and did not indicate that they did not want to see me.

The next day, after classes, I saw them again. Brenda asked if I was wearing panties and I told her no. They told me they were having a couple of friends over Friday night if I wanted to come over. I told them I thought that would be fine. Brenda told me to pack an overnight bag as we might have a little too much to drink.

Friday arrived and as the evening approached, I packed a bag and drove over to their apartment. I knocked on the door and Keisha took my hand and led me in. She had a devilish smile on her face.  She walked me into their bedroom where laid out on the bed was a maids outfit complete with a black mini skirt, silk black bikini panties, and fishnet stockings.  A white blouse and black front clasp push up bra finished the outfit.  Brenda came out of the bathroom and smiling said "We are having a couple of girlfriends over and thought you could wait on us!" 

I started blushing and yet my heart was pounding with excitement and something else on me was also excited.  Brenda continued, "We wanted you to come over early so we could get you ready, you know make up and all, lets get you undressed."   I looked over at Keisha and she was clearly enjoying my situation.  Knowing I had no choice, I pulled off my shoes and shirt.  As I lowered my pants, I had a major erection.  Keisha laughed and told Brenda that something needed to be done before I got dressed up!  Brenda approached me and said to lay on the bed.  Doing so, she came next to me and massaged my ****.  I was going to blow fast I was so excited.  She reached inside my underwear and started to pump me with her hand.  "Ohhhhh, I cannnot hold back" was all I could say as I shot my load.  Brenda smiled and said to go in the bathroom and clean up.  She came in and showed me some cream that I needed to use to remove the hair from my arms and legs.  I looked at her but she insisted,  "Put it on than get in the shower and clean up!"  When you get done, we will do your makeup and get you dressed. 

I put the cream on and got ready to shower.  As I showered I could not help but feel really excited about getting all made up and dressed in womans clothing.  I was shocked at how the cream removed my hair.  Drying off with the towel, I felt so smooth.  Coming out of the bath, the girls were waiting for me.  They said that my skin looked very smooth.  They had a chair in front of a vanity for me to sit in. 

"First, put on your pantyhose, panties and bra," Brenda instructed.  Doing so Brenda showed me how to push my **** down between my legs to help hide it.  "You could not have done this before, that is why we needed to take care of it" Brenda joked.  I laughed as I felt very comfortable with Brenda and Keisha.  I was excited to be doing this.  Keisha came over and lined up make up to put on.  She told me to pay attention so that I would learn how to do this myself.  She started with my eyes showing me each step.  Than Keisha put on my base and showed me how to add in blush.  Finally she used a lip gloss that made my lips look great.  Finishing this, Brenda handed her a brown wig with hair that came down past my shoulders.  She clipped this on and as I looked in the mirror, saw a young woman!   "I cannot believe how I look!!" I told Keisha.  Keisha laughed and said that I am a very pretty girl and maybe I should consider changing.  I did not disagree as I slipped into the bluouse and mini skirt.  Brenda went and brought in a pair of black heels to complete my outfit.

Stepping back, she said that I looked good and told me to practice walking around taking small steps.  "Remember, you are a  woman now!"  It sounded so unusual but at the same time I loved it.  I walked around the apartment looking at myself in the mirror anytime I could.  I felt really sexy.
We sat down and had a glass of wine while we waited for the others to arrive.  I was nervously anxious to see how the other girls would react to me.  Soon there was a knock on the door and in came two other girls named Stephanie and Lauren.  Keisha brought me over and introduced me as Christy.  They smiled at me as they came in and sat down.  Brenda told me to get some wine for them and put out some of the appetizers.  I went to the kitchen and gathered the glasses and wine.  As I went back in, they were laughing and having fun.  I bent over to pour the wine for each of them and as I did realized that my skirt was very short and as I bent over, my panties were clearly visible.  I did not know what to do but found this very exciting.  I thinke Brenda knew the skirt was too short! 

Bringing out the appetizers, I reached to set them on the table with the plates.  As I did, Brenda reached out and rubbed my panty clad ***.  "Nice buns" she said as she rubbed them.  I was blushing as I went to get some more wine.  Pouring the wine, Lauren reached up under my skirt and felt my ****.  "What have we here Christy?" she said smiling.  I did not know what to say.  Brenda stepped in and said "This is a friend of ours that we caught with pantyhose and panties.  She really wants to be dressed as a girl I believe so we are helping her out"  Lauren rubbed my **** some more and I could feel myself getting excited.  Excusing myself, I went to get a glass of wine myself.  Keisha came after me and said, "Relax, we already had clued them in, they are just having fun.  They honestly could not believe you were really a guy under the clothes."  I thanked her for helping me relax as I was very nervous.  She came up close and said that she liked me as a girl better!  I hugged her and we went back to the others.  As we walked in,  I poured some more wine and sat down to join them. 

"How do you like being a girl?" Stephanie asked outright.  I looked down but answered, "I love it and want to do this more.  The clothes feel so good and I like the way I look."  Lauren smiled and said "You could really pass for a girl you know.  You have a slight figure but shapely."  I thanked her for the kind comments.  Brenda laughed, "I'll bet you could fool most if not all of your friends!"  We talked some more about my conversion and how it felt.  I was very comfortable discussing this with them.  Finishing our wine, Stephanie and Lauren had to leave.  Saying our goodbyes, they told me they looked forward to seeing me again. 

After they left, I was starting to clean up.  As I picked up some wine glasses, Keisha came up behind me and placed her hands under my skirt rubbing my *** and around front to ****.  Ummm, it felt good as she massaged my ****.  It started to get quite hard as I was excited the whole night.  Brenda came in and unbuttoned my blouse.  "You deserve a reward for being such a good girl tonight."  She massaged my breasts and played with my nipples while Keisha reached inside my panties and freed my ****.  She started ******* it as I played with Brendas breasts and rubbed her ***** thru her panties.  They were nice and wet!  Sitting on the couch, I bent down and licked her ***** thru her panties, pushing my tongue into her.  She moaned as I pinched her nipples.  Keisha took off her skirt and pushed her panties aside as she pushed my swollen **** into her *****.  I moaned as she began to ride me.  As she rode me, I pushed 3 fingers into Brenda and finger ****** her.  She was gyrating on my fingers and her ***** was soaking wet.  I could not be enjoying myself anymore as we were all close to ******.  Keisha started moaning and screamed as I thrust into her as hard as I could.   She shuddered as her ***** clamped down on me and pulsated.  I shot my load as Brenda started clamping down on my fingers and soaking my hand with her ***** juices.  I felt my **** starting to soften as the last of my *** shot into Keisha.  We all collapsed on the couch and laid there with each other.  Brenda was the first to speak.  "Well I guess we can have the best of both worlds huh Keisha."  Keisha smiled and said "Yeah, this should be some fun."   I smiled and gave each of them a kiss.  "I am looking forward to learning more from both of you!"

More to follow.
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