Through this site, I have found three friends and they have made a difference in how my day affects me, in a positive manner.
Due to not having electricity and a computer that died a slow and painful (at least for me) death, getting on line and ''talking'' to people makes my lame existance a little less lonely. Well now no computer and my one friend moved to Rhode Island, making it more difficult for me to have access to this site and even mail......you know no one writes anymore.
So I asked two of my friends if I could write them via snail mail, as a.) I enjoy sending mail and b.
) my only choice due to the change in my circumstances........they said yeah, that would be cool and I was excited, especially since it would make me feel less alone....writing letters is expensive from Texas!
Now understand, one EP pal is a man and married........I am not a poacher and I have had pain heaped upon me by those who Cross The Line, I would not cause that upon anyone for any amount of communication!!
So I have written a letter........and on this rare occassion, I let the person know and his wife went beserk and he got in trouble!!!!! I always made sure to have him say Hi to her and in my letter (now wont be mailed) I addresses her first and explained I was looking for penpals and not an internet lover. Well, he said he got in big trouble for giving out their real address and for me to not write.........that really hurt, that he got in trouble. Now the letter will be destroyed. I sent him an email via this site and apologised for any trouble he was in because of his kindness.........I ALMOST want to say something mean about her, but I wont.......he would just get into trouble for her insecurities.
I like to write letters and especially with people in other places, that is not the great place of the USA........now that wont happen.
So you know who you are and I have apologised and I am sorry, but goodbye.
Now I will not have as much fun as I usually had on this site; which is not responsible for others lack of selfawareness.
Please do not heap any blame on The Man, if he had anything to hide, he would not of offered the address............
Yet another flame of possiblity snuffed.............
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Oh I am so sorry to read this after reading some upbeat stories,please do not let this one bad experience put you off,EP has a huge audience,I have only just discovered you and you do sound such a kind person,you are more than welcome to read any of my stories however I am no one special,best wishes to you,garvan.