this is my story that i told in another group and i want to tell it here too.

i really don't like my **** or my balls except when i am feeling pain in them.


i once met a man (or at least he said he was a man) on a ballbusting site. we started chatting, first in the chatroom of the ballbusting site. he would tell me how to bust my own balls and i always tried my best to do as he told me. then he wanted to watch me so he told me to get a yahoo messenger account. i always had my camera turned on for him but he never showed himself to me at all. it was much better being on camera, as i couldn't hold back as much without him noticing it. it is very difficult to really hurt your own balls but he told me that if i didn't try hard enough he would stop chatting with me and i really needed the attention he gave me.

he was very sadistic and was always thinking of new ways to make me hurt and humiliate myself. suddenly he disappeared and i never heard from him again. i must not been a good slave. i have never been able to find another Master like him but if i am ever lucky enough i will try even harder to please him.
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Nov 26, 2012