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For many people the wedding anniversary is THE big day. In popular culture it's the day the husband gets clobbered for if he forgets.

In our relationship, in my mind at least (!), the wedding anniversary is second to the meeting, going-out and engagement anniversaries. These all happened very early on. Then we got a little distracted (pregnant), and couldn't do much about getting married for quite a while. To qualify that - of course we could have married, but not in a way that would have been meaningful to us (a decent party with our friends).

We finally got married nearly 10 years after we started going out, and by that time we'd celebrated many of those other anniversaries. I don't know whether they stick in my mind because of sheer repetition, or the intensity and privacy of the moments that produced them, but these are the ones I remember best. The wedding was a great day too - and plenty of fun - but for me those early moments of sharing feelings and committment are without equal.

Fortunately the day is around the time of the other anniversaries, so it's easy to remember. And the number of years we've been married is the number of years we've been going out - 10. The maths is easy!

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lol Hope is all we have to give - Thank you!

You guys give us all hope :-). Congratulations !!!!

Hi Jo! We had a romantic meal - after WG got home late from kids sport (9.30pm ish). Salmon on the BBQ and some salad, and then a quiet, EP-free evening after that.<br />
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We're only up to eight years of marriage, which should be bronze/pottery? Neither of us did very well on that score unfortunately - but we remembered the day!

What did you buy WG as a present? Ten anniver. must be something aluminuim.... perhaps a watch so you can both be on time?. Or was it a romantic meal..... I'll catch-up later with part 3 of the series<br />
Have a wonderful day, and this site is growing

Thank you LV! I wish we could claim 20 years but we've only been together 18... amazing how they've just raced by. No doubt 30 years will rock along pretty soon too...

This is so great,<br />
<br />
Congratulation to both of you,<br />
<br />
For 20 years of growing love.<br />
<br />
With you many more years of love and happiness,<br />
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Thank you for sharing this

Thank you Lilly and Delta. We are celebrating tonight with a meal together... when WG gets home from the various kid's trainings, and we've cooked it!

Congratulations both of you. Hope you can celebrate more to come.

*BIG HUG* *LONG KISS* *LINGER, LINGER* Happy Anniversary Love of my Life!

Thank you AP. Nice to think that it could be an inspiration to others but so much of a relationship depends on the things inside it, not outside! This story would be a feather-weight push from the outside...

I think so too, Amy. Important to celebrate the days with love so when love is a little lacking you can remember why you're together!

:) congrats to both.all moments,days with love are important*

Thank you fungirl!

Congratulations on all your anniversaries.