Feb 24 1992

It was my first day at University. I'd had a few years working while I figured out what to do after leaving school, and was quite apprehensive about what it might all be like. We'd had a morning of orientation sessions and tours, and what seemed like a relatively boring few hours was finishing with a lunchtime barbeque.

I was making small talk with a country boy that I'd met: "D". He was from dairy country, a bit pimply and very green/innocent. I think I was contemplating the next few years in like company when into the white-bread crowd walked a Chinese girl with red hair, flanked by a couple of vaguely Indian-looking friends. It was a distraction from my conversation with D.

"D, let's go and meet these girls. They look interesting..."

I was hoping for some new conversation topics and perhaps some more interesting company.

We walked over and made introductions. The girl with red hair was smiling during it all but it was soon apparent she hadn't taken any notice of our names.

"You're vague!!!" I blurted out. A great pickup line if ever there was one.

She laughed. I can't remember how it went from there - her friends were amused but fortunately she agreed with me. Her friends left, and D left. I think we and a couple of others spent the rest of the afternoon talking.

I went home thinking that there were going to be some interesting people at Uni after all, but no more than that.

I still celebrate the day that we met, because it was such a definite, memorable moment. And so well connected to what happened next - but that is material for another story!

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Fortunately for me, Trapped, WG didn't take herself too seriously (neither did I or she might have indeed taken offense!). It wasn't really a pick-up line though - I was just playing when I said that. It was just funny that moments after the introduction it was clear she hadn't been listening at all!

Only in Australia, Dear Roj! "How vague!" Really. I believe an American girl may have slapped your face for such a comment! lol <br />
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Of all the things boys/men have said to me (pick-up lines included), I've never quite heard that one before! Maybe dear WG was in shock and didn't really know what to say to a comment like that! Or, perhaps she just knew deep down, you were really smart, but were still "a little rough around the edges" with girls! lol <br />
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We really do need more information on this exciting event. Even, I, the sexless wonder, am curious! ha! <br />
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Calling someone "vague." That's a great story. And to think she married you, had your children, and still loves you! My, what a lucky man you are....................lol. I'll remember this line forever. Thank you for sharing, Aussie-style, perhaps?<br />
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Wish I had your accent. I could even say it, in stories of course, just like you might have...............! That's priceless, really. <br />
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Jo: No secrets. She agreed that she was vague (can't remember her exact words). It wasn't love at first sight; but it did develop fairly soon after that. I'm just going to have to keep writing this out ;-) and as for what WG found attractive - well she'll have to answer that!

Thank you Delta. I have some funny photos from back then...<br />
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LV I'm looking forward to writing it.

I love love stories with happy ending,<br />
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I can't wait to read the rest of story,

Roj, it's the pick up line that makes me smile, and what did she say??? Or is that a secret ? Was it love at first sight? Or is this love right? How long did it take for you to get to know her? Was the course of love straight? Share ur romantic celebrations, dear friend. Congratulations, to both of you. WG, red haired?? Now, that must have been a surprise! Final question what did WG find attractive about you?Have a wonderful day. <br />

Just lucky, I guess.

She was wild and way out of my league, tOs...

It did to me, anyway. Lifechanging stuff! Not so much what happens as who you meet... any fond 'o' week memories Lilly? And I'm looking forward to your 'I celebrate the day we met' story some day too!

Hmmm. I celebrate...<br />
<br />
Stay tuned as 'O' week 1992 plays out...

So do I!