There have been so many significant meetings that need to be celebrated, but there is one meeting that was a brief encounter; however the ripple of that moment has stretched out to be 20 years of memories, filled with two lives that have never really parted despite the different paths taken. This is the story of when I first meet him...

As usual I was staying over my friend’s house using a vague excuse that I needed to study, when all I was really doing was escaping my own home. I was quite use to the comings and goings of all her older siblings, and never really meet them in any kind of official way.  I was just the friend who sometimes visited, plus I was shy and quiet so said very little to them.

This particular night my friend and I had decided to both sleep on mattresses’ in the lounge room as it was too hot to be crammed into her room.  While fast asleep there was sudden thumping on the stairs, and up came some rather large dark figures mumbling and laughing. Into the lounge they came, one of them tripped over our make shift beds. Lights were flicked on, and whinging and complaining started as my friend and I sat up, annoyed at being woken up so late at night. There were several large men towering over us, swaying as though there was some sort of breeze blowing them.  Of course they had been drinking, at 21 they had nothing better to do on their Saturday nights. One was my friend’s brother and the others his friends. I can honestly say at that very moment I really did not think much of him, or his friends especially when they proceeded to turn around and fart on us.  They laughed so hard and loud at their accomplishments, that it sent my friend’s mother charging up from downstairs to tell us all off.

I only ever really saw him again briefly, and he would just say a quick hello, as he was either working or going out with his mates and spent very little time at his home with the rest of his family.  And I was still in high school, doing my own thing and never gave him another thought. But we did meet again the following year properly this time, and from there, well, we created many, many more moments to be celebrated together. Who would have thought, I know we didn’t.

To this day he likes to tell anyone who will listen to the story of how we first meet, I am not really sure why, as it is far from romantic, but he still thinks he was funny in fact his friends still think they were funny too.  As for me, no, I have yet to see any humour in that moment, yet I remember it like it were yesterday.  Who would have guessed I would go on to marry him after all that.

These days however we are no longer married, but we have always remained close friends.  I could never have imagined from that one quick meeting all those years ago, that I would find myself today, looking back over our lives and seeing all that we have been through together.  Because since I was 16 this man has been a part of my life in one way or another. In fact I just spoke with him today, and as usual he finds humour everywhere and he makes me laugh when all I want to do is cry that is just one of the reasons why I love him so much.

Though he still is obsessed with farting, he always gets all my kids to pull his finger.......urgghhh!

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6 Responses Feb 23, 2010

This is just so endearing, Lills...but what in heaven's name do guys think that makes them adorable when they fart? I honestly don't know...but it somehow gets to us...literally and figuratively speaking. LOL!!!<br />
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Thanks for the story... *hugs*

Yes, okay I was hungry but I was excited too!

(she was bopping because she was hungry...)

This is a lovely story Lilly - if a little fragrant. A classic, everyday type situation that could have come from anyone's youth (either on the mattresses or bursting in drunk...). What is different is the way it ended. <br />
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Just to make sure I've got it straight, 'He' is your friend's brother? (for a little while I thought it might have been one of the friends). <br />
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Now I'm looking forward to hearing how it happened that you met 'properly'...

LOL. Have to share this with you. I was bopping around on my chair saying - she's written it, she' written it, when we saw your story come up! And roj came rushing in and said OOooooOOoooo. lol.

I love it! They say that you know that your partner is really comfortable in the relationship when they can fart openly! Your relationship was obviously meant to be. LOL!!!!