Feb 25 1992

Where was she? I looked out for the red haired Chinese girl all day, but didn't see her. I can't remember what happened that day, but our paths didn't cross. I think later she told me that the program didn't look very interesting and she'd done something else - or maybe that's a wrong memory.

A residual of our meeting remained. One of the things that had pricked my interest back then: I'd just returned from Japan. One of my Japanese friends, a surfer type, had told me about these 'Yankee girls'. Japanese girls who dyed their hair red and rode about on motorbikes with boys at night. It kept me laughing - that a 'Yankee girl' with a broad Australian accent had turned up on the first day of my Uni course. The world was an amazing place.


I just found out that 'Yanki' girls do exist. I've never looked them up (strange). Even more funny than what I was told in 1991... a short essay: http://www.kamikazegirls.net/culture.html#essay2

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4 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Even a recumbent would be fine - we just have to find one.

Does a recumbent count? Afterall I don't have red hair anymore!

I wasn't EVEN angling there, WG... but you can get a bike if you want...

Dream on Roj, the answer to your motorbike dream is still - NO. lol