Feb 26 1992

On this day, we had a field trip. I found her in the crowd outside the bus and followed her on, sitting next to her. We made pleasant conversation out to our destination, but I didn't want to be pushy with my new-found friend. Didn't want to seem like some sort of 'hanger' (I don't think we used the word 'stalker' back then).

I talked to other people afterwards, and sat next to someone else on the way back... but I'm pretty sure I took the odd look to see who she was talking to.

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Cute...you're making WG blush there probably... ;)

Sylph the dates are easy - at least the dates of meeting and then later going out are. And the bit between can be figured out from there! There are some bits of it I just can't remember for the life of me though... mostly the bits that weren't to do with WG ;-)

Awwww...that is just sweet, Roj. And goodness, you remembered the date??? Some say things are too good to be true...but THIS IS! :)<br />
*hugs to both of you*

Aw! this story melts my heart, how sweet.

I wonder if that really is true??? Have I been too cautious all my life???

Wg smiles at the memory of it. She wouldn't have minded it she had been stalked by him ;)