Feb 27/28 1992

These two days merged into one. The 27th was the day of the all-night 'O' week party, which of course finished on the 28th!

I don't think I saw WG that day. I arrived at the party and met up with a couple of guys I'd met in my course. We started wandering around, checking it out. After an hour or so I spotted WG and her two friends from the first day, 'A' and 'J'. They were all friends from school but were going their separate ways after O week. This was going to be their big celebration-goodbye.

We all mooched around together, and I got talking to J. Everyone seemed to be having fun. Then some music started up. We went in to watch. It was slow, angsty kind of music - not danceable. I was feeling adventurous and made a physical move on J. She responded favourably... and so together we made a bit of a mess of WG's special farewell night to her school friends.

It wasn't a spectacular mess, although WG and A were a bit annoyed at J for getting sidetracked. J had recently split up with her boyfriend and was just looking for a bit of affection, it seems. I of course thought it had a lot more potential than that... but J wasn't giving out all the physical cues I was hoping for. When we parted ways I gave her my phone number, and hoped for the best.

I didn't see WG until the following Monday, but then I wasn't thinking about her either. I kept hoping for J to call, but she didn't.

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I'm not sure Jo. WG asked me to change the avatar - she was a bit worried by La Roux's red hair - and this is what I found when I searched 'spotty boy'. Probably just some adolescent angst.

Roj ur proably right. What happened to this disappointed, little boy?. Points to avatar.

Jo I think that the music gives you a chance to hide these little things. Probably if there was no music, no action on my part!

What if there was no music? I wonder what would have happened.

June I like your bl<x>inkers. I think the double = bl<x>inkers are overkill myself...<br />
<br />
LV it gets a little more straightforward soon.

It's getting more and more interesting,<br />
<br />
I can imagine you are a bit confused in the alphabet soup!<br />
<br />
But I know the ending, so I can read without worry.<br />
<br />
You will get the girl, but I wander how

Awwwwww... ^_^<br />
<br />
Wait, | ^_^ |

Sweet to hear, ay? :)<br />
<br />
*hugs to you both* <br />
You are an amazing couple!

Putting bl<x>inkers on, Sylph. <br />
<br />
Nah, the man brain is not that sophisticated (that it would have been gnawing at me for 18 years). Just interesting to contemplate that WG may have had feelings for me before I asked her out... funny the things you don't think about.

What in the world are you two doing??? Almost seemed like calculus to me... :D<br />
<br />
LOL, Roj...the truth sets you free! Was this gnawing in your man-brain for the last 18 years?

No it should be<br />
<br />
=<br />
:-)<br />
=<br />
<br />

or should that be:<br />
_<br />


It's strange, I'd never really thought of that moment in that way before now. And yes Lilly, the man brain does get easily sidetrack.....will need to get a set of bl<x>inkers for Roj when he is out prowling....HA! and on EP!

LOL @ Lilly. The man brain does get sidetracked easily...

Wow! I AM please to know that... 18 years later. The things that come out. And WG you're right, I'd forgotten that it was S and not A. For some reason A didn't seem right but I couldn't think of who else it was. You have too many friends!!!

Well, at the time I was consoling A (who was really S - lol - Roj's memory is not so good!). She and J were really good friends and S was sick of J getting sidetrack by boys. I was really just very annoyed by J for being so insensitive. But I must have felt a ***** of jealousy because the image of Roj holding J in his arms is clear as a bell. Oh, okay! I was VERY jealous! LOL. Roj you WILL be pleased to know :)