Mar 3 1992

The call the night before had broken any ice that might have existed after my efforts with 'J'. I caught up with WG during the morning and was lucky enough to sit next to her through a class or two. Then the most amazing thing happened - I still don't quite understand how.

We had the afternoon off. There was meant to be a field trip or something similar but they weren't properly organised for the first week of term. So we had no classes. I wanted to buy some shoes (sneakers I think) and had to go into the department stores in the center of town on the way home. It was on the way home for WG as well, and somehow (this is the bit I don't recall), WG decided she'd come with me.

It was really the first time I'd ever been shopping with a girl - something I just realised yesterday! I can't believe it now but until then my relationships had mostly happened in evenings, and I'd never done things together during the day. Not even with 'girl friends'.

We had so much fun; I did, anyway. When I look back on that afternoon I feel like we were in one of those happy scenes in a chick flick, where everything is going well and the main characters are shown doing new things together to an up-beat soundtrack. We walked through the stores, looked at many things besides shoes, and commented about things, and other shoppers, did a few playful things too. We even bought some shoes!

I went home well satisfied with the afternoon - but not really thinking about WG in potential girlfriend terms.

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They weren't very exciting shoes, Lilly. You wouldn't approve. I think Dunlop KT26s at that stage - no budget for premium sneakers. <br />
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He he imagine if I'd done this with you, 18 years ago. You might've been much more distracted by the shoes than WG was ;-)

Ahhhhh.. this is making me smile. Will catch the next installments!!!

Funny. I don't remember the shoes but I do remember going shopping. I wonder what sort of shoes they were? Dunlops?

Ahh LV I'm quite happy to credit fate with cancelling the trip - but what happened to make WG go with me shopping? Surely she should have had better things to do ;-)

Fate! that's what canceled the trip.<br />
<br />
I can't wait to read the rest.

You're not wrong. We'll rediscover a whole lot of things we've forgotten. What about the early years of the 'spring' relationship???

Only when they ask... and they haven't asked much. Ooooh grosss... they might ask more when they're a bit older. Actually I don't know where the 'memory book' is at the moment (have forgotten its location lol). I think it's in the 'memory box' which we always intend to go through one day but goodness only knows when that'll be.

Funny tOs, we wrote all this down somewhere ages ago so we didn't forget it - in a 'memory book'. That'll have more details than what I can remember now.... and probably show that I got some of the days wrong too. Not the events though. It was such a memorable couple of weeks. Not so difficult to remember :-)