Mar 4 1992

My thinking had started to change. Back then I considered every female I met a romantic prospect until proven otherwise(!) - the young male brain is sooo selective - but I started taking a lot more notice of WG. I found myself checking her out while walking between classes... taking a closer look at the side of her face in lectures... Then we had a two hour break between the last morning lecture, and the afternoon class, which started an hour after lunch.

We had some time to fill in - and again I'm not sure how this happened - but WG and I ended up going for a long walk through the inner-city suburbs around the university. I think the reasoning was just to have a look around. It was new territory for both of us.

We were able to talk more seriously this time than we had while shopping the day before, and shared a little about our families, school life and friends. I asked about boyfriends, and found that there were none currently or in the recent past. WG noted that most of her friendships with boys ended up being more brother than boyfriend. I wondered if that was where I was going to fit into her life?

The next day, Thursday, we'd made arrangements to attend a concert later in the afternoon. I spent the night wondering if I should ask WG out, and if I was brave enough to ask WG out?

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Yes...I remember that story...hahaha...

She did Sylph - picked me up when I got S's name wrong. After at least 17 years of remembering it the memories are well fixed!

LOL.........guess that works. Besides, WG would probably edit them for you. ;)

Good memory for these sort of things Sylph - and powers of journalising for recreating what I can't quite remember :-)

You must be jotting all these in a diary or something, Roj...<br />
<br />
Was he writing in a notepad, WG???<br />
<br />
Very impressive memory...and the details... Heck I could not even remember what I wore yesterday let alone break intervals between classes or if there's a concert that time.

You never know that at the time unfortunately.

The long walks, looks like she is interested in you as well.<br />
<br />
I'll check the next story


Awww Angelwings. I know it's nice to think of it that way but there are so many points at which something completely different could have happened! There's a good deal of randomness in WG and I getting together - I'm just glad it happened! Though I think that once we'd met something was bound to happen - if some handsome young man didn't get her attention first.

It was killing me at the time. Those were long nights, WG...

Ahhhh, the suspense of it