Mar 5 1992

I don't think I learned much this day. WG and I were to go to a concert after Uni, and my head was buzzing with wonder. I liked her well enough, but could I be brave enough to ask her out? Would I get an opportunity? We had plenty of classes but I didn't give them as much attention as I should have.

Time came for the concert. It was a pipe organ concert at one of the cathedrals. We travelled down on the tram and were still a little early. Walked around the cathedral and checked it out. Still no opportunity - or certainty. Gawd, what if she said no? Best to leave it to the end eh?

We heard some beautiful music but my mind was elsewhere. More sideways looks at WG. Then it was time for WG to go home, and there was no opportunity. This wasn't something I wanted to squeeze in before a run to the train.

Travelling home I thought maybe it was a good thing. Maybe we weren't meant to be. I hadn't spoiled a promising friendship with an awkward declaration or question. But that night in bed, which is when my mind always became bolder, and in my imagination I was capable of more, I decided that I had to give this a go.

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A very big risk, I thought!

So sweet,<br />
<br />
All that I think of is "Come one! ask her out. you might lose your chance."

Yes Lilly I was thinking of that. <br />
<br />
OK WG. Just for you...

Roj i really think you should change your avatar. Everytime I see it it remind me of what my hair used to look like! It's a bit weird....

I already know that. Would have a scorching record on 'two truths and a lie' if I did...

*raises eyebrows* See you don't know everything about me!

Lilly if only the girls made the first move. It would all be the other way around - well perhaps not - because I think they'd be far more likely to get a 'yes'!<br />
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Delta it would be interesting to know what your boyfriend was thinking. Terribly disappointing if the answer was 'not much'...

Awwww. I didn't know that's what happened to your best friend/brother figure types :-) Remember you being a bit annoyed about it stopping at best friend/brother figure but never thought to translate that into how you felt for them!

I have a big feeling that I wouldn't have let you get away. Even if you did find another girl or I had a fling or two with a med student ;). But then were the serious studying type and I was but a meer first year uni student....ready for a bit of fun....perhaps I would have had a bit too much fun with one of those med students ;)....but you would have talked sense into me.....because by then you would have been my best all of my other male relationships....a bit of a brother figure....and I would have fallen in love with you :) See! I know these things :)

Delta: Surely some of them must! Don't know whether it's inspiring - insights into the insecurities of a 20yo boy :-)<br />
<br />
WG: Actually coming out and saying you liked someone as more than just a friend was a big thing for me. I'd done it only once before - and then in a roundabout way - so not as if I could predict how it might go. I was used to not getting much attention from women (legacy of spotty adolescent days) so didn't have much confidence. Didn't like to think about hearing 'sorry, but I'm not really into you' or something similar.<br />
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We could still have been more than friends but who knows what might have happened - if I'd found another girl, or you another boy (one of those Med. students you were writing down for potential flings, perhaps??) it might never have happened.<br />
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LOL. What do you mean, "I know these things"... :)

I remember Roj asking me what I thought of the music and I not being able to come up with a very clever answer....if only I had know that he had been distracted too!

gawd, all this thinking and worrying.....I'm so glad I'm not a boy! :) <br />
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Roj you were so brave back then! I'm so glad you talked yourself into giving it a go that night but I'm sure we would have still been more than friends eventually....I know these things :)