Mar 6 1992

I woke up feeling determined, a little nervous. The morning went swiftly by and we finished classes mid-afternoon. By then I had a plan.

WG and I travelled down together towards my tram stop and her station. I got her off the tram a stop too early, but she didn't say anything. We walked back through the city square towards its northern edge, continuing whatever conversation we had going on the tram.

I found a park bench, and we both sat down. The conversation continued, and then paused. I was so unsure of how this was going to go, but it had to be done. "There's something I've been wondering... I've been wondering if you'd be interested in being more than just friends?"

There was no aghast, no terrible look. Just a lovely smile, and "yes".

My reply: probably some sort of superlative.

We got up and walked down to the station, where I said goodbye to WG for the day. We didn't hold hands, or kiss; I wasn't sure of the protocol and what I'd just asked seemed like pushing the boundaries enough for one day. I was very happy.

On the way home I was grinning like a fool - so happy - and now was beginning to understand passages I'd read in books about people looking 'radiant'. I felt radiant. My cheeks hurt that night.

That's really the end of 'how we met'. What followed was really the most amazing year of my life; 37 days after Mar 6 1992 we made a bigger commitment: engagement. How a simple meeting can change life.

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so beautiful and short, right to the point. thank you for sharing with us your story.

lol Pamster. And sore cheeks too :)

Thank you LV. It's a modest love story that is great and inspiring for WG and I! It's somehow pleasing to know that it may have inspired some tears for someone else, too.

I can't believe I am crying!?!<br />
<br />
I feel so happy I have tears in my eyes!<br />
<br />
Such a beautiful story, and very well told.<br />
<br />
Thank you both for sharing such a great and inspiring love story.

Basking and rolling in the memories for a while, WG!

I remember having sore cheeks from that day too. Roj you've done so well remembering what you have. I've loved this trip down memory lane. What's next?

lol Sorry it took so many stories to get there :-) Good things come to those who ask?