My Ode To Central Banking

An ode to Central Banking

Central banking rules the roost
Of the current belief system: Insane
And when leaders like Saddam Hussein
Try to protect their people from
The worlds elite, who don't give a shi’ite
Shia’s too, just central banking, no t even U

And funny ho w the Astor Family; wealthy
Who were against central banking certainly
When they all died on the titanic
Within months: America central banking

Same for Gadaffi, got him out the way
The central bankers just couldn't wait
Into eastern Libya, they bribed their way
And this don't care for people at all
Just concentrates the wealth: Mental

At the top of the pyramid: certainly
A level playing field coming: Definitely
The only time Master Jesus got angry
Whipped the money lenders out
Of his fathers house.
41-45, M
Dec 16, 2012