Showin' It To A Little Sister And Big Sister...

When I was around 13 years old, I had a friend that was a young girl a couple of years younger than me. We would hang out together a lot during the summer recess from school. A year earlier I had talked her into playing ***** poker with me, and it had turned out to be one of the best things I ever did. To make a long story a little shorter, I loved getting naked for her while she was fully clothed; it always excited me so much, and my **** would get stiff as a baseball bat from her staring at my nudity. This particular summer, we had pretty much picked up where we had left off the previous summer. I looked for, and made up, many excuses to get naked and expose myself to her.
She seemed to be getting a little bored though, so this time, I suggested that maybe she should invite one of her friends that she could trust. This seemed to excite her (and me) and she said that she wanted her sister to see me, because she’d bragged to her sister that she had her”very own naked boy” and that her sister didn’t believe her. This made sense because her sister was a year older than me, and though she was not particularly good looking, she had a nice rack, so she thought she was hot stuff, and that her little sister had to be making this up.
Anyway, I agreed and the next Saturday, when my folks were out shopping, we met at our regular place, an old garage. The big sister was skeptical and gave me the old, ‘you won’t ***** when the time comes’ routine, and in fact she refused to play by the regular rules; she insisted that she be given the right to refuse 3 times (losses of poker hands) to take a piece of clothing off. I finally agreed and we began to play.
We all lost several hands, and normally by now, I’d have been completely naked, but big sister had pissed me off, so I wanted to get her naked too. Little sister finally got down to panties and a tee shirt, and big sister got down to bra and panties. I too was down to my tee shirt and tightie whities and they were tight enough to easily see the ***** that I had. The girls were exchanging looks; the ‘see, I told you’ look from little sister, and the ‘I can’t believe this’ from the big sister.
I was ready to be naked, and my **** was about to explode! Little sister and I lost the next hand. Immediately, little sister was whispering in big sister’s ear, and she shook her head and said “No!” Little sister said to her, “Go on…he doesn’t care…he LIKES it…Tell him!” Finally big sister said “Take off your underwear!”
I stood up from the desk I had been sitting on and stood in front of big sister; “You take’em off,” I said. She was staring at the bulge in my briefs, but she didn’t move. Little sister jumped up and stepped over behind me. She reached forward and pulled my briefs down to the floor. Big sister inhaled sharply as my stiff **** sprang into view. Little sister giggled and said, “See…told you.” I pulled my tee shirt over my head and stood in front of big sister, totally nude. My **** stuck out like a flagpole, and was just as hard. Little sister stood up and said, “See…I told you…he LIKES it!”
I DID like it; it was just like the first time I’d gotten naked for little sister. I was so excited that I thought my **** was going to explode! Big sister stood up and began putting her clothes back on, watching me the whole time. Little sister stepped back to her seat and did the same. Soon, there I was, with two young girls, who were completely clothed and there I was completely naked, with my **** jutting out. Big sister could not take her eyes off of it, which was exactly what I wanted. I never did ask, but I assumed then that this was the first time she’d seen a naked boy my age.
I pretended to look nonchalant by picking up my clothes and putting them on the other side of the room. I was walking around so that they could both see me completely naked, but I was most interested in them seeing my erect penis.
I kept trying to think of how I could be even more explicit, so I pulled my chair in front of where big sister was sitting, and I sat down in front of her. I leaned back in my chair and opened my legs wide so that there was no mistaking what I wanted her to see. Little sister stood next to big sister and said, “See what I meant…he WANTS you to see his thing.” I cannot remember exactly what big sister said then, but I definitely remember little sister calling me nasty! Big sister giggled and leaned forward, staring at my ****.
This was getting to be more than I could stand, and I really, really wanted to **** off as they both watched. I had to do something, so I stood up and stepped to the edge of the desk behind me. I sat down on the corner of the desk and let my legs dangle on each side, my legs wide open. This had the effect of making my **** jut out obscenely. I asked little sister to stand next to me. She did and stood very close, her hip brushing against mine. I guess she wanted to show her sister that she was in control, because for the first time, she lightly put her right hand on my leg, half way up my thigh, very close to my throbbing ****. I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I wrapped my right hand around the shaft of my **** and began to jerk off.
Little sister’s hand began to lightly stroke the inside of my left leg, and suddenly, big sister was standing on my right side, watching every move of my hand as it moved up and down the shaft of my ****. I think that it was unintended, but big sister also placed her hand on my right leg as she watched me. Having the two of them, completely clothed staring at me as I, completely nude, stroked myself, was just too much, and I came very hard, exhaling loudly.
I remember also that after that time, both sisters talked me into stripping several more times during that summer. I had already told them that I’d do it anytime, anywhere…and I did.
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Enjoyed the story, wish there were more to tell.

I loved your hot story.

I had a stepsister (no clue where she is now) from the time I was 8 until I was 15. She was 2 years older than me. We spent a few years messing around...she (and me too) loved it when I strutted around nude in front of her and her friend Mary. She beat me off to hard ******* many many times.

Fantastic story, thanks.


Yes, fantastic experience, please tell us more

Good grief...that's one of the best stories ever. I beat my meat half way through it. More stories, please!