Cfnm: Teen Girls Saw Me Naked.

Yesterday I had my first CFNM experience with two teen girls. It happened accidently, and was brief. But it was still exhilarating. This is a true story.

I had gone to the township swimming pool for a swim. It was late in the day, so there were not many people there. Maybe less then 10. But I did notice two very pretty teenage girls. They must have been around 15-16 in age. One was taller and looked to be older. She had a fuller figure. More developed bust. She had reddish blonde hair with light freckles on her face. She wore a dark blue one piece bathing suit with yellow stripes running down both sides. The other girl had long jet black hair. She was very fair skinned. She wore a pink flowery string bikini. They both had tall, slim beautiful figures.

As I swam, I watch them frolic in the water. Playing and laughing. Soon I was done and I got out and went back to the changing rooms to shower and change. The enterance to the changing rooms was a short tunnel that branched into two paths. The left one led to the men's changing room and the right one to the women's.

I was standing in the men's changing room. I had showered and just put my shorts back on, when I heard two voices in the corridor. The voices were getting closer and definately coming towards the mens changing rooms. I instantly recognised the two teen girl's voices. They were talking and giggling, and must of inadvertently turned left in the corridor. They would soon step into the men's room.

Without really thinking, I quickly whipped off my shorts, so that I stood there completely nude. I was glad that I has recently trimmed my pubes, so that my **** was clearly visible and I could feel it begin to get swollen. I didn't want them to see me immediately, realised their mistake, and walk back out the door. So I stepped back around the lockers, so that I could come out in front of them when they were deep inside the locker rooms.

Once I heard them inside the locker room and away from the enterence, I put a towel to my head and pretended to dry my hair, and stepped out in front of them.

They immediately froze and put their hands to their mouths in surprise. They went "Oh my God!, we're so sorry". I could see that both their eyes went immediately to my swelling ****. Before they could turn around, I quickly said " That's OK. Don't worry about it. I don't mind. You don't have to go". They hadn't turned around and were still looking at my ****. So I used this opportunity to try and prolong the experience.

I asked them all the questions that I could think of. How was the water ? was it too cold? where were they from? Did they live around here? Did they come to the pool often? Anything I could think of to prolong the conversation, and make them stay longer, and let them look at me totally nude while they wore their wet skin tight swim suits. All the while I pretend to be drying my hair, so that I could streach my arms up, and expose my whole body to their gaze. I could feel my **** becoming totally erect with excitement.

The older blonde girl did all the talking. She looked into my eyes when she spoke, and then very openly looked down at my ****, with a knowing smile on her face. The brunnette had turned bright red and kept turning her head, but then would would look back and stare at my erect ****. Her eyes were wide open with curiosity.

I could feel my heart beating in my chest, as I was afraid that someone would walk in on us. But at the same time I didn't want this delicious experience to end. 

After maybe 3 or 4 minutes, they said that they had to go. So they turned around and slowly walked back, all the while looking back at me and giggling. I liked looking at their clothed tight butts. Before they completely left the room, I also turned around so they they could clearly see my *** before they left.

I heard them giggling and laughing in the corridor outside, as they walked away.

I was so horny, I immediately went into one of the shower stalls and jerked off.

I dressed and left the pool. Unfortunately I didn't see them again on my way out.

Needless to say, this was the highlight of my day,  and a memory I will play again and again when I need some "inspiration".
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please do that to me also....those two girls had their best moment in their lives...surely they got a taste of heaven....

Wish i was one of the two girls..Umsss

I'm sure that could be arranged ;-)

True story my ***.

A wonderful experience for you and, it seems, for the girls who enjoyed looking at you! I liked how they giggled on the way out. That giggle drives me crazy!! I love when i hear girls giggling because they're seeing something they know is naughty.

Thanks for sharing.

I love this story. It's a wonderful memory and I would love to have the same experience for myself. I'm not sure that I would have the balls to pull it off, but I'm sure I'd have an erection. Well played and well written. I'll be sure to look up another story of yours.

A great story!

What a great story!

I hope to have an experience
like that someday!

You might enjoy reading my other CFNM experiences

Do you know where to find CFNM stories, I do like them. I also like CFNF stories. I like to identify with the nude character in the story.

It is strange how they just can't help but looking at our *****, the girls in your story are wonderful, you probably was the star of many of their dreams after that.

As they were of mine

That's very hot...lucky guy!

Have to wonder if the girls intentionally went into the mens locker room. Food for thought.

There is zero chance that those girls arrived in the Men's changing room by mistake

So let's see, you obtained a pretty detailed desc<x>ription of the mid-teens, did nothing to dissuade their entry into the wrong locker room, intentionally exposed yourself and conversed with them for several minutes. Umm, that's not CFNM but more like a felony. LOL!

Let me amend my story then. For the record your honor, I believed both girls to be over 18 years of age.

Get over it ticklishsoles. If the perverts entering the wrong locker room were boys, you would be defending the female as some sort of victim.

I would? You must have crystal balls.


Lighten up, tickleshoes, I don't see how two girls, who are in the wrong locker room, making no attempt to leave, and watching his **** while talking to him for 3or4minutes could complain about anything. They might be guilty of voyeurism themselves.

With the amended version, I wish that I was standing right beside you! Hahaha!

Girls visit the men's room "by mistake" and intrude upon a young man who is changing. The boy is stunned by their presence, attempts to make conversation to hide his embarrassment, but the girls make no attempt to retreat, until several more moments are past. Girls: Guilty. Boy: innocent victim. You are guilty as you intrude where you are not supposed to be, and do not leave as soon as you know. What the boy does is insignificant unless he touches the girls or prevents them from leaving. That's my guess and I'm stickin' to it.

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Wow, that is a great day! Well done, I don't know if I would have had the composure to keep them talking like you did, that was great.